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Responsible and innovative fashion bridal design

Durante 6 años dirigí un programa de diseño de modas en Colombia. Durante ese tiempo orienté la creación de colecciones con una mirada responsable por parte de los futuros profesionales del diseño. Crear por crear, no es simplemente la tarea de un Diseñador de Modas y menos aún en los tiempos que vivimos donde todo lo…

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Colombian Fashion designer: businessperson committed with sustainability

Crear un producto teniendo claro el compromiso que tenemos con nuestro hogar azul, no es una tarea fácil. Las tendencias de la moda no son necesariamente amigables con el entorno y las cifras no estimulan a los empresarios porque no se vislumbran como proyectos rentables. A pesar de estas premisas, la misión de cuidar el mundo y… Continue

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Our Holly talks about her "Shared Talent India" project ...


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Vivi’s Pick of the Week - Organic

Vivi Blog

We love the 100% organic cotton jumpsuit from Clover New York. Jordana and Mariette, the women behind Clover are committed to producing beautifully made organic children’s clothing that’s fun and functional.

An easy onepiece that looks adorable, this jumpsuit is comfortable and perfect for Fall. I love the red zipper detail and metallic snap… Continue

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Our Holly learns the art of traditional weave...


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Right Bag for your body

Right Bag for your body…


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Good Morning EFF readers, I've just had my Brand focused on the PURE online newsletter which is very exciting, but what for me is more exciting is to see that Marc Jacobs is planning on launching a range of garments for plus size womenswear - size 18 plus. I am really happy to hear this and salute Marc Jacobs for putting himself forward for this.

Having read a review in the Independent 16.6.2010 that Julien Macdonald remarked, as a judge on the reality TV show "Britains Next Top… Continue

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Vivi Turns 1, Happy Birthday!

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Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Sure Your Coach Wristlet is Authentic

Coach Company was actually founded in a loft in Manhattan, New York in the first half of 1940ies. Considering that the Coach Company was…


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A Woman Without Her Smile

It's no secret that women spend the most amount of money and time on their face than on any other parts of the body - and with good reason. Hardly anyone's going to look anywhere ... [read more]

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Christina Aguilera's Red Lips Obsession

I don’t know how many of you are counting the days before June 8th, the official date for the release of Bionic , the fourth studio album by Christina Aguilera. I honestly ... [read more]

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Seattle Fashion: 5 Indepenent Designers showcase swimsuits at Chance: Mac Fashion House - Nuvo Chic - Lucy Loves Ethel - Manifesto - Lastwear

5 Independent Seattle Fashion Designers showcase at Chance: The Northwest's Monthly Fashion Networking Event.

Chance is Seattle's Monthly Fashion Networking Event. Each month, a collective of the Northwest's most ambitious and creative Photographer, Models, Designers, Hairstylists, Makeup Artists, and Fashion Industry affiliates come together to generate opportunities and develop resources for the Northwest Fashion Community.

For more… Continue

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how to Clean Tiffany Silver Jewelry

1.Use a small amount of white toothpaste on a soft cloth and buff jewelry to a shine. Make sure to use a cloth rather than a toothbrush, because the bristles can sometimes scratch the soft metal surface of sterling…


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Sexy, Shimmering (Sustainable) Silver

ElegRoo Blog

Nothing shows off your summer glow like silver! Luminous and eye-catching, silver is simple and elegant enough to wear every day — from afternoons at the beach to evenings at the symphony. When the silver is recycled or produced in fair-labor/ conflict-free conditions, silver jewelry goes beyond beautiful.

Here are some gorgeous, thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted… Continue

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If suits make men, handbags make ladies.


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What do your clothes say about climate change? More than you think…

Climate Counts Blog

Most of us start our days the same way. We smack our alarm clock, wish it were Saturday, and get dressed. The scary thing is, the clothes we wear today reflect the votes we make for or against our climate’s future.

Every purchasing decision we make is a vote. Think about the number of socks, underwear, t-shirts, and jeans you’ve purchased over the years. If you are a parent, think about how many times your kids have… Continue

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Looking for an experienced Freelance Merchandiser

To assist in planning and forecasting for a sporting casual menswear start-up with an ethical dimension, I am looking for a freelance merchandiser to bring retail expertise to an exciting new venture. Please get in touch to discuss further.

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looking for talent!

Hi all you talented people out there.Was really inspired at the etical ff event in camden by the fab work traid to with their remade garments. Although at my shop at the moment we make accessories from recycled bits, would love to do garments that have been reworked and remade and sell them for the Mind charity who i work for. If there is anyone out there who wants the chance to show case their talents and add to their portfolios please contact me as i have a whole shop full of clothes just… Continue

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