Jewellery Designer Kevia Launches New Eco-Friendly Collection

Kevia draws inspiration from both art history and culturally diverse metal smith techniques. The jewellery designer has been working for a long time on her new collection and considers this new line to be a “dream come true”. She played with stones and colours to create her first eco-friendly collection entirely made from natural and recycled materials.

The new collection features only 100% recycled metal as well as recycled wood and sustainably harvested and naturally treated horn, which is biodegradable. 

Kevia believes in not only making beautiful environmentally friendly pieces, but also wants to give back!  With the purchase of a horn style piece from her Nouveau Collection, she donates a new tree that will be planted in either the US urban or wilderness area.  So far, she has been able to plant 1,300+ new trees!


This black organic horn cuff supports a round two tone Etrusca weaving. Kevia created a two tone finish and layered sheets of metal to create this regal two tone effect finished off with white cz. This piece presents the new design direction for their popular Etrusca collection.

The second item is a pair of handmade woven domed disk earrings made from hand woven foiled metal with a matte high karat gold finish.  These earrings were inspired from jewels of the ancient Etruscans.

The last item is a round rose cut stone with lace setting on a delicate band and comes in various shades including Crystal, Smoky or Aqua. This item makes a delicate statement piece and is part of the new Rococo Cushion cut stones, one of Kevia’s favorite gem cuts.

To discover more designs visit Kevia’s online boutique.


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