Offset Warehouse are pleased to introduce ... The Munsiyari Fabric Collection !

Offset Warehouse are pleased to introduce ...

The Munsiyari Fabric Collection.

Handloomed from pure pashmina by traditional weavers from Munsiyari, on the Tibetan border of Uttarakhand in Northern India, The Munsiyari Fabric Collection is due in our fabric shop later this year.

The Munisyari area is home to the Johari Bhotias, a semi nomadic people of Indo-Tibetan origin and Trans Himalayan traders. Traditional weavers from this area use hand held spindles and pit looms and have passed on their skills empowering a whole new generation of women.

The Munsiyari fabrics will be available in natural fawn and natural ivory colours in a variety of 8 different weaves, and lengths of up to 20 mts can be produced in three different weights.

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