Good Morning EFF readers, I've just had my Brand focused on the PURE online newsletter which is very exciting, but what for me is more exciting is to see that Marc Jacobs is planning on launching a range of garments for plus size womenswear - size 18 plus. I am really happy to hear this and salute Marc Jacobs for putting himself forward for this.

Having read a review in the Independent 16.6.2010 that Julien Macdonald remarked, as a judge on the reality TV show "Britains Next Top Model", said of the competition:
"This is a serious show. You can't have a plus-size girl winning - it makes it a joke".

Frankly, he should get a life and come out of his cocoon.

There is an increase in market value of 45% increase in sales of plus size women and they should be given serious consideration in our fashion industry, with fabulous styling and clothes, and respect for them as women, not denigrating them by remarks such as "You can't have a plus size girl winning - it makes a joke"

By the way our Brand does make make for up to 18.

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