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The Accidental Environmentalist

YIkes! I can't believe it's been over a month (well over a month) since I last checked in. Obviously my life has been a whirl of celebrity parties and UN ambassadorial postings........ Actually it's been even more exciting than that. I am now officially a student. Technically I shouldn't be writing a blog but be marching against things I don't understand, discussing politics/philosophy that I don't understand and eating things that shouldn't be allowed but instead I'm actually learning… Continue

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The Accidental Environmentalist

Happy birthday London Fashion Week! Congratulations on reaching your jubilee!

I didn’t think I’d be so excited at the demise of summer, but the great governors of fashion cleverly slipped the heady delights of the sun splattered S/S shows just as SAD is about to kick in. Yes, the sunshine is officially going to sleep for another 6 months. Although to be honest I don’t remember seeing much of it over the past few anyway.

I’ve managed to wangle my way in to see the great and… Continue

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The Accidental Environmentalist

I’ve been accepted onto the MA in Ethical Fashion!

Never thought I’d be running my own company and be a student at the same time. But it’s actually the best idea ever. I can literally learn on the job. It’s like starting a company up with backing from the whole Dragon’s Den, but without the snide-y comments and demands for 90% of your company for 10% of the investment you want.... I’m more excited than I can say!

I’ve spent years agonising over the future and now it seems… Continue

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The accidental environmentalist

So the lush cord has arrived. I didn’t know it was possible to get this excited about what is basically posh string but i’m literally leaping about, jumping for joy. The last piece in the puzzle of the seemingly never-to-be-completed sample.

I’ll have my first glance at my ‘baby’ next week. I honestly can’t wait. It’s almost more than i can bear! I’m hopeless at surprises and queuing (which is really just waiting with other people around to watch you getting stressed isn’t it?). And… Continue

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The accidental environmentalist

After last week’s mini catastrophe, I think this week’s been rather a success. I have managed (a) not to destroy my computer; (b) not to destroy my poor, lovely husband’s belief that I’m basically a good person; and (c) to find something more fabulous than the fabulous cord I lost. Any one of those things is frankly cause for celebration in my book.

It’s funny how things can turn on a sixpence (or a euro, or whatever it should be now....). After convincing myself it was all over, I… Continue

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The accidental environmentalist

I think I know what a pregnant elephant feels like. And not just down to the vast quantities of Green & Blacks that has been getting me through the past few days. After 22 months of gestation (or incubation, I’m not exactly sure of the difference) I’m about to give birth to my own baby and it promises to be just as agonising.

Perhaps it’s all part of the whole ‘pleasure/pain’ principle. The pain I seem to be constantly enduring (violins please......) and the pleasure I assume is… Continue

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