So the lush cord has arrived. I didn’t know it was possible to get this excited about what is basically posh string but i’m literally leaping about, jumping for joy. The last piece in the puzzle of the seemingly never-to-be-completed sample.

I’ll have my first glance at my ‘baby’ next week. I honestly can’t wait. It’s almost more than i can bear! I’m hopeless at surprises and queuing (which is really just waiting with other people around to watch you getting stressed isn’t it?). And this is really a combination of the two so an utter nightmare and a dream come true for me at the same time. Interested to see how i’m going to deal with that....

Of course I’m now making the inevitable last minute changes before reverting back to my original design. Reminds me of the final read-through of an exam paper, just before you give it in. But much more important, or that’s how it seems to me now.

So watch this space for my super duper luxe eco-friendly handbags – well, the first sample at least. I’m already visualising them swinging under the arms of the uber-cool ethical fash pack. Perhaps putting the cart before the horse a tad, but a girl’s gotta dream!

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