I’ve been accepted onto the MA in Ethical Fashion!

Never thought I’d be running my own company and be a student at the same time. But it’s actually the best idea ever. I can literally learn on the job. It’s like starting a company up with backing from the whole Dragon’s Den, but without the snide-y comments and demands for 90% of your company for 10% of the investment you want.... I’m more excited than I can say!

I’ve spent years agonising over the future and now it seems finally to be coming together. The fear of failure was so stuItifying that I did nothing at all. And now I’m going to jump in both feet etc etc. I guess there always comes a day when you decide you can’t procrastinate anymore - isn't that an oxymoron?

So I’m sharpening my pencils and off to WH Smith’s for a protractor and compass set and matching everything. Got to start term properly after all. How come this is so much more fun than going to school? I can’t ever remember wishing for holidays to be over before. I’m either going mad or perhaps this is what it’s like to be a grown up. Hmmmm. Something to consider when I’m burning the midnight oil, agonising over my next sentence and crossing my fingers tightly as I wait to get my marks back (yikes!).

Now where's my Hello Kitty pencil case.....

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