YIkes! I can't believe it's been over a month (well over a month) since I last checked in. Obviously my life has been a whirl of celebrity parties and UN ambassadorial postings........ Actually it's been even more exciting than that. I am now officially a student. Technically I shouldn't be writing a blog but be marching against things I don't understand, discussing politics/philosophy that I don't understand and eating things that shouldn't be allowed but instead I'm actually learning really relevant, really useful stuff. And not a pint of cider in sight.

So I 'did' LFW - well, I staggered about inelegantly in 4 inch heels failing to be 'spotted' by Grazia for their Street Style section (that was obviously NEVER going to happen) but enjoyed the experience anyway. A bit disappointed by how small Esthetica was but I suppose that's why we're all here - to make it bigger and better next year. And not absolutely convinced about the Somerset House showroom areas - rather rabbit warren-y I thought - but I guess it is the first year so it's bound not to be perfect just yet.

Then off to Paris Fashion Week (my my, how does she do it? they gasp.....). After a 5.25am start at St Pancras (not St Pancreas, as I overheard) I arrived rather less than daisy fresh at my hotel. Having checked out virtually every review and website for hotel rooms less than the cost of a Hotel Crillon chocolat chaud, I thought I'd made a good call. However, whoever said the camera never lies had clearly not seen the extremely flattering website I had foolishly put my trust in. I can honestly say that I thought I was at the wrong hotel. The photos I had seen had absolutely no bearing on the grim Fawlty Towers style hostel I found myself in. Not the most auspicious beginning..... It also seemed that my invitations to the star studded fashion parties appeared to have got stuck in the post (thanks Communication Workers Union) so I ventured on down to the main event, the Ethical Fashion Show. Certainly a worthwhile visit and some interesting lectures but sadly just not enough designers there who I think can convince conventional shoppers to change their habits. It reminded me that we really are at the very very beginning of all of this but there are a lot of minds and hearts prepared to do anything to make it work and that fills me with hope and non-specific fluffiness about humanity in general.

On a more personal note (ahem) you will no doubt be delighted to hear that I have FINALLY got a sample of my FIRST EVER BAG in my sweaty little palms. It's not perfect yet but my god, it's really amazing to have something tangible to work with, get inspired by, and act as a sort of talisman for me when the going gets tough. I can look at it and see that I can get things done, it just takes a bit of inspiration and a whole lot of tenacity and hard work (I refuse to say perspiration, it's too grim.....).

Anyway, I have to get back to work (feel like Bob Crachit, toiling away into the wee smalls.....) and research research research. I'm slightly concerned to report that I am having an affair (you heard it here first) with Refworks. It's this computer thing that magically saves all your brilliantly found relevant (and probably irrelevant too) documents and reports etc for you in a far away place in the parallel internet universe up in the clouds. Sadly I've been told it doesn't actually read them and write your case studies for you, but I'm hoping that software will be out sometime soon.

Thinking about research and learning and general academic stuff, I'm reminded of the words of that great philosopher Homer (Simpson):

'Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that's even remotely true!'

Wise words indeed.

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Comment by jacqueline on November 5, 2009 at 15:39
oh the coveted bag......i cant wait to feast my eyes on it!
congrats on the new born...pray tell..whats the little one called and is he/she what was expected

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