Happy birthday London Fashion Week! Congratulations on reaching your jubilee!

I didn’t think I’d be so excited at the demise of summer, but the great governors of fashion cleverly slipped the heady delights of the sun splattered S/S shows just as SAD is about to kick in. Yes, the sunshine is officially going to sleep for another 6 months. Although to be honest I don’t remember seeing much of it over the past few anyway.

I’ve managed to wangle my way in to see the great and the good of fashion do their thang. It will be the first time I’ve been for a LONG time. In fact I don’t think Esthetica existed when I last slipped through the hallowed gates of Fashion Heaven. Plus i'm looking forward to seeing what they've done to Somerset House, one of my favourite spots in London, full of history and inspiration.

I'll finally be getting my first handbag sample in a few days. Feel like I’ve been saying that forever but I honestly think we might be getting there now. Had a brilliant meeting with someone who’s going to be making the most beautiful fabric for me.......I can’t say exactly what ‘cos it’s a secret........but suffice to say my bags are going to ROCK!!

And next week I’ll be suffering the indignities of being a fresher, if that’s what you are in your, ahem, thirties. At least there won’t be the hideous ‘socials’ and excessive drinking that I endured last time. Strangely rather excited about being one of the new girls. Can’t wait to hook up with people who share my ethical fashion passion (apologies for the rhyming cliche...).

All in all, this new life means I’m going to have to work my arse off (sadly unlikely to be reflected in its size). And I can’t wait!

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