After last week’s mini catastrophe, I think this week’s been rather a success. I have managed (a) not to destroy my computer; (b) not to destroy my poor, lovely husband’s belief that I’m basically a good person; and (c) to find something more fabulous than the fabulous cord I lost. Any one of those things is frankly cause for celebration in my book.

It’s funny how things can turn on a sixpence (or a euro, or whatever it should be now....). After convincing myself it was all over, I had messed everything up, I was never going to make it blah blah blah I decided to stop wallowing (although it was strangely stress-relieving and enjoyable at the time). It seems that the great cord robbery/loss was actually rather a blessing in disguise. Very thick disguise, admittedly. But I was forced to accept once I went to reorder said cord, that I didn’t REALLY love it. It was more that it was the best of a bad bunch. That’s the thing about ethical stuff. You can’t just point and pick up whatever you want unless you’ve got uber rich backers and are prepared to order a trillion metres. And since I haven’t, sometimes, against my better judgement I’ve had to make do. Which has NOT been easy. And if I’m honest, the cord was really one of those choices. So back to the drawing board or rather the Google homepage and some pretty inventive search engine-ing and a whole new strap concept in the back pocket. Much the most luxurious and eco-friendly cord ever created ever (I think).

And the lovely lovely people in Italy are making if for me even though they’re off on their endless summer holidays in only a few days. Aren’t people brilliant?

Aaaaaah. This is what it’s all for. Feeling inspired and grateful and gracious.

I shan’t swear a bit all week, just to show how appreciative I am. Well, not much anyway.....

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Comment by jacqueline on August 4, 2009 at 14:16
well done to you C!

keep it glad you are pushing it forward even with the hard times...believe me you are not in this alone...

looking forward to seeing the samples

(p.s 7 weeks til we need to get our blazers and ties out...the school bell is ringing!)

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