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Send Us Your Unwanted Textiles

Fabrics piling up in your cupboards?

About to throw them away?


Send them to Offset Warehouse and

we'll find them a wonderful new home!



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Made from recycled metal hardware and organic cotton, "Stella" has been crafted using cutting edge technology for the smoothest, slimmest and most supportive styles possible.

Read more & see where to shop here: …


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Sass Brown, Eco Fashion, E2

This weeks Eco Fashion Designer overview is on Paris based refashioning couture label E2 http://www.ecofashiontalk.com/2012/07/e2/

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Since over a year, we are designing and hand-making a range of accessories, giving African Fabric a contemporary and urban twist. It includes so far hoodies, bags, necklaces and shoe laces.

Showcased and sold on private sales, festivals and market stalls, the items have a lot of success! And we have decided to put a gear more and go bigger!

So, we are looking for a skilled and passionate person to join our team in order to both boost the sales of Open The Gate's…


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It’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe!

Around 30% of clothes in the household wardrobe have been unused for at least a year. This is worth over £1,000 per household or £30 billion across the UK!

The average lifetime for a garment is 2.2 years. Extending the life of clothing by an extra nine months of active use would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30% each. It could save £5 billion a year from the costs of resources used in clothing…

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Flower Earrings

plum blossom earrings

cherry blossoms and plum blossoms earrings

plum blossoms and dragonfly earrings…


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Kerala Crafts 4 amazing projects in Southern India

Kerala Crafts 4 projects within Kerala, Southern India

Fellowship 500 member Kerala Crafts has just released a 2012 update on the 4…


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Sass Brown, Eco Fashion, Emily Katz

This weeks Eco Fashion Designer Overview is on Portland, Oregon based activist, musician and designer Emily Katz http://www.ecofashiontalk.com/2012/07

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Cashmere/Pashmina Shawls in the West

The earliest mention of beautiful Pashmina/Cashmere shawls on the western fashion scene seems to be around middle of the 18th century, when these shawls were brought in  the suitcases of  British officers and merchants on their return from India. Also we find a reference to them in the rich memoirs of Lord Clive. 
An academic paper of the same period  describes them “as the most delicate woollen manufacture in the world, so much prized in the East, and now so well known in…

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Local Label PocketTee by theJinrikisha

Dear fellow fashionistas,

I am pleased to bring forward today a local label Pocket Tee by theJinrikisha Co.

Our Company seeks to hold firm roots in our Asian culture yet giving a modern twist to our clothing.

Her first Label Pocket Tee focuses on Contemporary & Classic Styles.

Unique feature that Pocket Tee has to offer is our Cut is meant for the local community. Meaning to say, the Tee sits sharply on our torso. We also believe in details that eludes a more…


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Professional small run clothing factory in quick turn around

I am pleased to introduce my company Guangzhou Yiguangtang Garment Co., Ltd. which specialises in the small run production of women’s fashion and various workwear of high quality in quick turnaround. We can produce based on sketches, pictures or samples.

Our services include pattern making, grading, sample making, fabric purchase, production, delivery and so on. I'm sure you will be happy with the communication, the prices, the development and the production!

Visit our website…


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up-cycling fabric waste


I am looking for a lovely creative that would be interested in large amount of fabric scraps from our production, I am trying to avoid land fill, and would love if someone would help me with this :)

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EcoChic's latest publication: Source Jewellery’s Fairtrade Journey

EcoChic's latest publication

Source Jewellery’s Fairtrade Journey putting ethics and the environment at the heart of fashion.


Within our stylish coffee-table publication, we tell the inspirational stories behind the pioneers within the fair-trade jewellery movement. Reviewing the problems for small scale miners, recounting solutions and inspirational success stories within the…


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ClearlySo's seventh annual Social Business Conference

ClearlySo's seventh annual Social Business Conference

'Moving capital in a shocked economy'


Now in its seventh year, the ClearlySo Social Business Conference stands alone as the annual highlight of the social entrepreneurship calendar in the UK.  This year's theme focuses on raising capital in a climate of austerity and a sterling line up of speakers will address topics…


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All you need to know about Pashmina/Cashmere Shawls!

What is a Pashmina or a…


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Sass Brown, Eco Fashion, From Somewhere

Check out this weeks Eco Fashion Designer overview on From Somewhere, who patiently reclaims fabrics collected from cutting room floors and the fashion industry’s trash cans. Designed by Orsola de Castro, all From Somewhere’s collections are made with luxury designer pre-consumer waste, such as swatches, strike offs, sample yardage and production ends. …


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Kenneth Cole Introduces a Limited-Edition Tote in Support of Anti-Bullying

Fashion designer and social activist Kenneth Cole invites customers to join the national anti-bullying campaign with the launch of a new limited-edition AWEARNESS tote. The tote is available immediately on Kennethcole.com, and at select Kenneth Cole stores with 100% of the net profits being donated to AWEARNESS, The Kenneth Cole…


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Talented Launch at Harrogate

Talented is a directional collection of printed, tote bags ethically made from natural materials and produced by British eco-bag manufacturer Bag It Don’t Bin It (BIDBI).

This is our first ever collection, which we’re launching at Harrogate Home and Gift and includes three separate, beautiful and compelling ranges.…


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Herb powering Garments to heal human body Holistic !

     These traditional workers on Herbs are inevitable for  all natural ethnic color  dying cottage unit . They are in fact the literate of Green Age, for thy have come to make this process success only  by unlearning  man made laws, rules and scales  and learn and re learn  as it requires. Hence other  literate women or men are not able to do  in ethnic way processing .…


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Introducing Green Nippers Organic Baby and Children's Clothes

We are new member of the Ethical Fashion Forum, so would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company: Green Nippers (www.greennippers.co.uk).

Green Nippers specialise in organic, ethical and eczema friendly…


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