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Pure Pod - eco luxury - Australia

Pure Pod creates contemporary, stylish and ethical clothing with an urban influence. Our innovative and versatile ranges, keep you looking hip and eco-wise. Providing a design based, high quality, Australian made product with sustainability as its backbone from conception, through production, studio recycling, packaging and to delivery

All our collections are made in Australia from high-quality eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, including bamboo,soya bean, silk, hemp, New Zealand… Continue

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Pure Pod - Studio stock sale

Pure Pod is clearing it's studio shelves for our new seasons stock.

We have soya bean, bamboo, organic cotton, hemp, silk garments all hand printed

and made in Australia.

For a studio stock list please contact our head office -

We look forward to hear from you soon :)

Pure Pod team…


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We are about to expand several of our support programmes for the ethical fashion sector, and taking on interns to help us do this at the Ethical Fashion Forum's headquarters at RichMix (which we share with the inspirational Pants to Poverty, Worn Again and AntiApathy)

We urgently need laptops and computers so we can support you more, to do what you do better!

Do you have an old laptop you dont use any more, that you would be able to donate to the EFF? We dont mind how old… Continue

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Read my feature and see other photos of my designs.

If you would like to see my most recent feature interview.

Go to:

Unik Apparel Store Blog Spot..
then throw in my full name or company name in their search:

Check it out...pass it on...I so appreciate it.
Mari Keating Schofield
Through Mari's Eyes
~an experience in adornment~

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Job Offer - Veja is looking for a UK Sales Manager

Veja is a French label of ecological trainers made in Brazil respecting the fundamental rights of workers. Veja was first launched in France in 2004. Since its creation, the brand has experienced rapid growth in Europe and has been endorsed by the most selective fashion stores and by numerous fashion magazines. Originally based in Paris, the company has recently opened a new office in London and is looking for a Sales Manager to complete the UK-based team.

Job… Continue

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The real costs of upcycling and manufacturing in the UK

We at Worn Again have set out the ambitious vision of encouraging a shift in manufacturing back to the UK by moving our production of upcycled products close to home after our beginnings in China and later to Portugal.

After an enlightening journey visiting what used to be a thriving hub of manufacturing in the UK, in Coventry and Manchester, I'm left musing the following and pondering solutions...

Fact number one. 'Upcycling' or making products out of disused materials… Continue

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broken brolly : tent opening dress

broken brolly project:
I have started a local community project in Brighton to recycle and reclaim broken umbrellas and tents, making them into bags and clothes for sale. This is the first item. A dress made from the flap opening of a discarded tent.

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Breakthrough in eco fashion --- DPOL ' Ecofriendly, sustainable and Green '

Over the last years there has been a relative rush of books on eco and ethical fashion published across the globe. We think this is an excellent indicator of the public’s awareness of how, what, where and whom produced the clothes in our closets.

Sustainable fashion is fashion that is designed to be environmentally friendly. Fashion designers have recently adopted the idea of sustainability, using more environmentally-friendly materials and methods in clothing… Continue

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Work with us...Internships available at the Ethical Fashion Forum


The EFF has several internship opportunities, generally based at its offices at Rich Mix, although we also need external contributors on some projects. Travel and food costs are covered for interns based at RichMix. We endeavor where possible to progress interns towards paid positions, if not with the EFF, then with our partners and network.

If you are interested in any of the positions below please send you CV and a cover letter/ email to… Continue

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Girl About Town - Stewart Rose predicts the downfall of disposability

On the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning (31.03.09), Stuart Rose the chief executive of Marks & Spencers, gave an interesting insight to what he felt a beneficial consequence of the current economic climate could be. He expressed the belief that the recession would herald the end of the era of disposability, that customers were no longer satisfied with cheap, throwaway fashion.

Clearly there is a responsibility for retailers… Continue

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Notes From March's Spotlight on Sourcing Now Available to Download

Thanks to all of those who made it to the events as part of our Spotlight on Sourcing Series on March 17th. We really enjoyed putting on the events that day and hope that you all found them valuable and inspiring.

Join the "Spotlight on Sourcing" group where you can continue your discussions on the issues and download the notes from the seminars and…

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Put People First After party -PANTS TO POVERTY -Sat 28th March from 4pm

Pants to Poverty and Synergy are combining forces to bring the joy of acoustic activism to the Put People First Rally this Saturday, 28 March. There are 3 things that you can jump into:

1. Demo - 11am - 2pm: Meet at 11 am at Temple Tube - look out for the Pants flags and the Banker, Politician and IMF monkeys! We'll be joing the demo and spreading pant love all the way to Hyde Park!

2. Rally - 2-4pm: Keep your eye out for the pants flags and head over to our stall to have… Continue

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SAT 10am -… Continue

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Izzy Lane Sings on for Animal Sanctity

In my article London Fashion Week: Doubly Green, I featured four menswear designers that exhibited at estethica—the green initiative of London Fashion Week, which requires participants to adhere to the three guiding principles of organic, fair trade, and/or recycled.

After posting the article, I had the extraordinary privilege to interview Isobel Davies of Izzy Lane, a voice crying out in the wilderness for the sanctity of animals that can only baa or bleat. When I spoke by… Continue

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Veja's Green Gooooal!

Several weeks ago I posted an article entitled, London Fashion Week: Doubly Green, in which I presented several eco-brands that debuted at estethica—London Fashion Week's green initiative.

One of the companies featured was Veja, a Paris-based company that designs comfortable shoe wear inspired by 1970's Brazilian volleyball styles and produced by coops in the remote Amazon. Intrigued by Veja's three pillars of ethics, I requested an exclusive interview, to which the company responded… Continue

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Girl About Town - Are global retailers really doing enough??

A new report by the Clean Clothes Campaign, 'Cashing In', looks at the top five global retailers Carrefour, Walmart, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl, and highlights the poor working conditions of the producers of their discount clothing.

It does seem now that more of these retailers are responding to the growing concern of how clothes are made and are engaging with the issues - for instance Tesco representatives have attended Ethical Fashion… Continue

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WIN A Clever Togs t-shirt with The Green Parent!

The Fantastic Green Parent are offering a chance to win a Clever Togs t-shirt on their new web site....

Clever Togs are hand embroidered, appliqued t-shirts for children. Each of the t-shirts is made from 100% organic cotton and the applique is made using recycled vintage fabrics. The Green Parent have two of these gorgeous garments to give away!

For a chance to win, enter… Continue

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Hot Magic by Shinichiro Shimojo

After having written my first article on Under Castle, Japan: Much Closer than Mars, I received an email from designer Shinichiro Shimojo, stating:

"I have read your article about my 'Cross Wear' and was glad that you understood my concepts deeply. I enjoyed reading it very much, indeed! I will introduce another 'Cross Wear' for my 2009 a/w collection in Tokyo for the week of March 23rd."

Shimojo and I have been in corresponding ever since! Shimojo is not only an… Continue

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we20 and Ethical Fashion

We met Tamsin at one of our first we20 project meetings so wanted to invite you all to take part in we20

we20 enables anyone to have their own G20 meeting to develop plans for the future. These plans may address a local, national or global problem or address individual behaviour change. we20 are encouraging plans for business, community, government and charity.

The G20 Summit or world leaders is taking place on 2nd April… Continue

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Rubia Pigmenta Naturalia

After posting my 2-part interview with sustainable designer and artist John Patrick, I received an email from his Dutch friend, Anco Sneep, director of Rubia Pigmenta Naturalia, which produces a natural red dye that dates back to over two millenia:

"A world without colour is barely conceivable for us. Nature provides for colour all around and anything we create, we create in colour. And–we’ve been doing so for thousands of years. Primeval human beings already used colours to outline… Continue

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