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Creative Couture – ‘As You Like it’ – “wear the way you like”

August Designs ( after the groundbreaking ethical / eco DPOL fashion innovation has come up with a new concept in the arena of fashion. The new Collection “As you like it” gives a meaning to fashion altogether.

"As you like it" as the name speaks is based on the concept of multiple look of single garment as per one's choice. The ensembles can be worn in two different ways- Regular way (option 1), or upside down… Continue

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C5 company jewelry now featured on

C5 company, which has become well-known for creating sustainable custom engagement and wedding rings, has recently debuted their first finished jewelry collection. Avenue Green is now exclusively available online at, the premier marketplace of sustainable jewelry.

For the Avenue Green collection, C5 company created beautiful, sustainable pieces that are really easy to purchase and wear. All six pieces in the collection range from $45 to $200 and are hand-made from 100%… Continue

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Greenish: The Green Fashion Challenge

Columnist Mike Albo looks at the current state of ecofashion.

When you hear the words “eco fashion” what image comes to mind? Cameron Diaz in an $11,975 dollar organic dress on the cover of Vogue? Some message on a canvas tote? Maybe nothing at all?

Unlike other facets of the Green movement-- organic food, beauty products, home supplies -- eco… Continue

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The 40% Problem: Why Retailers and Brands are Struggling with Social Compliance in China

Many of the most transparent retailers and brands report that 40-50% of their factories are either in remediation or considered medium risks. Moreover, this has not changed much over the past three years. Why has this proven to be such a challenge?

The principal goal is to protect the brand from disclosure that its suppliers and factories may not be trading ethically. Protecting the brand is an immediate problem. Human rights in developing countries is an aspirational goal.… Continue

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Give the gift of education this holiday

C5 company, a leader in sustainable jewelry, has created a promotional pendant for Under the Baobab Tree (UTBT), an international nonprofit organization that provides education and other critical services in Malawi.

With the $100 purchase you receive the ethically made pendant of the UTBT logo, handmade recycled paper giftbox and a personal story about one of the children who will receive free education because of your contribution.

Malawi is one of the most impoverished… Continue

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Happy Holidays from Daisy de Villeneuve and the EFF

We have an exclusive Christmas treat for you. An illustration by Daisy de Villeneuve.

If you haven't seen it yet...

Click Here

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EJF at The Wave

On Saturday 5th December EJF, a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, joined other coalition members on the march to Parliament, demanding that our Government take urgent action on climate change.

It was a great day with a fantastic turn out as people of all ages marched through the streets to call for climate justice.

Read more and watch EJF's Wave video by following the link below;…


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EJF takes part in Greenwich Park Santa run

Check out the images from when a team of more than 40 EJF staff and supporters braved the rain and donned santa suits for a 5km run around Greenwich Park.

There were a couple of wardrobe malfunctions and the weather wasn't great, but regardless, everyone finished and raised the EJF flag along with funds to support our campaigning work.

You can also view the hilarious video by following the below link;…


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Sourcing Khadi weavers in India


I am looking for weavers groups specializing in Khadi weaving, perhaps based in Kerala. I am interested in groups that support sustainable, ethical, fairtrade and organic production of textiles especially NGOs and those who have set up support networks for their workers.

The weavers groups may have have the opportunity to get involved in an exciting project run by charity organisation EJF, to raise awareness of the importance of transparency and organic cotton… Continue

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"Oh, I know not either warp or woof,I know not the web of thy weave"_Rig Veda.

India was the earliest centre of cotton manufacture; it was from here that the craft was introduced to Persia and Egypt, and thereafter, to Europe. Cotton fabrics were the magical creations of the Indian weaver. Handspun yarn and cotton weaving were famed throughout the subcontinent but nowhere did it reach the perfection of Bengal. Gossamer muslin, light as woven air and soft as a limpid stream, has featured time and again in historical records of ancient and mediaeval periods. The earliest… Continue

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Ethical Fashion Forum - Highlights of 2009

2009 has been a productive year for the ethical fashion forum. take a look at some of our highlights..

It is now 5 years since the first meeting of designers and entrepreneurs around a table- which led to the creation of the Ethical Fashion Forum.

Back then, we could not have anticipated growing to represent a network of almost 7000 people in more than 70 countries, launching the first trade show for ethical suppliers to the industry, and founding an international… Continue

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Oxfam Boutique Cardiff

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Kate Tailyour LAUNCHES NEW ONLINE BOUTIQUE Read the story behind the garments.

Kate Tailyour


Read the story behind the garments.

Kate Tailyour launches her new online boutique and website. Shop the Autumn Winter 2009 collection and read the story behind each garment, where it was made and all the reasons that make this collection extra special! The new website strives for transparency telling the ‘ethical’ story behind each garment. Our clothes are designed to love and last, countering today’s disposable… Continue

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Making Winter Hot with Eco-Knits

From Gawky Green of Two Girls Go Green

I’m sitting in Starbucks. It’s snowing. It’s Michigan and it’s December, so I guess I am not that surprised. But that doesn’t negate the fact that I am cold. And one [of the many] thing(s) I hate about cold weather is that it leaves my fashion wardrobe limited. Not only do I lack motivation to dress any way but comfy, there are only so many variations of long sleeves, long pants and boots.

Alas, this is why I appreciate fashion… Continue

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Social activist turns life and world conflicts into cause worthy cosmetics

Jody R. Weiss founded Peacekeeper Cause-Metics out of a bit too much righteous anger.

Jody is a practitioner of yoga, and has dedicated her life to promoting peace in the world and in her personal life. A product of activist parents, Jody found herself searching for something more - not the peace her parents fought by pitting the good side against the bad; in her gut she felt that as long as there are sides, there can be no peace. Jody took some of her righteous anger from a first… Continue

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Fashion Summit 2009 & Climate Change Conference: Copenhagen

Climate change demands that we closely examine the rapid change that the environment is undergoing and its causes, and the respective effects that these changes have on economic and human development. It begs us to act wisely for a healthy and prosperous future. Eco-enterprise is one flexible and effective approach toward constructing more socially responsible business practices. Apart from economic prosperity, it helps to return social by-products like community unification and participation… Continue

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26 Intolerable Facts: The Surprising Truth on the Status of Women

peacekeeper cause-metics is the first cosmetics line to gives donations to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues. peacekeeper builds a bridge between extraordinary women in the land-of-plenty with extraordinary women who just by chance of birth don’t have our resources or opportunities.

Read more about the harsh realities that face women around the world… Continue

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Shop sustainable jewelry this holiday season

This holiday season, give a gift of jewelry that you can truly feel good about. At, the premier marketplace for sustainable jewelry, you will find only the most socially and environmentally responsible jewelry.

Sulusso features a wide selection of styles and price points. Featured designers include leading “green innovator” Alberto Parada and celebrity favorite, Lori Bonn.

The traditional jewelry industry has a long history of contributing to devastating… Continue

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60 Minutes Exposes Devastation of Mining in Congo

Here is the link to the 60 Minutes segment (on CBS) about the fact that gold from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is funding one of the most horrifying wars in history.


“When there are spikes in violence, it has something to do with contestation over the mineral resources…gold and the rest of them.”

You can have beautiful gold jewelry without supporting violence. Contact C5 company to learn more.

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Africa's fabrics - wild silk from Madagascar

When I tell people that Ethnic Supplies stocks fashion accessories made from wild silk one of the questions I get asked without fail is that

Is there enough for commercial purposes?

And the answer yes there is, in Madagascar. The best part is that there is a whole conservation project underway to protect Madagascar’s natural heritage.

Tapia, or Uapaca Bojeri, is the staple food of the wild Malagasy… Continue

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