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Hello, great to know you all great people! May I have the opportunity to explain my work before you. Basically my expertise area is developing design and constructing fabrics by using hand weaving (h…

Hello, great to know you all great people! May I have the opportunity to explain my work before you. Basically my expertise area is developing design and constructing fabrics by using hand weaving (hand looms), in special cases I use only semi-auto looms. I love to do experiments to create new weave. I design with indigenous form of textile manufacturing. My producers are rural women artisan, I train them and promote their products they…


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Bamboo Earrings and Bangles


Bamboo is an integral part of the many tribes of the North East India. Abundantly blessed with suitable condition for bamboo cultivation, bamboo is used for making house, chairs and tables, thatches and even jewellery. Bamboo jewellery is quite common in this part of the world and people like adorning themselves with such jewellery on special occasions as well as for regular daily wear. Little Hill People have regularly come across bamboo craftsman and that is when we thought of…


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The True Cost of Fast Fashion: Balancing the Scales

By Bianca Alexander

According to the Department of Labor, over half of the garment factories in the United States are sweatshops.  The popularity of sweatshops began at the turn of the 20th century, as consumer demand rose for trendy but inexpensive off-the-rack clothing.  Given the difficulty of mechanizing the clothing manufacture process, cheap human…


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Eco Designer Overview on 01M by Sass Brown

Todays Eco Fashion designer feature in on Spanish shoe brand 01M, who produce a 100% biodegradable multi functioning sports casual shoe is crazy colors!…


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Natural non-animal padding for Coats


I'm looking for a natural non-animal padding (filling) to use in children's coats.

Does anyone have any clues if anything such exists?

thanks so much, 


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Hi, I am new to the Ethical fashion forum!

My name is Colleen. I design Self-Empowerment Divas printed on women tees for all of my confident beautiful women. I am grateful to be a part of this forum. I am currently seeking representation and an investor. Please help.

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Seeking Retail Collaborators!

As part of my role as a sustainable fashion researcher in Manchester, I am seeking retail partners to collaborate on a project, developing eco fashion products for the UK high street. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference to the environmental impact of high street retail. 

There is the possibility of funding for your business attached to this commitment, so please get in touch if you can offer viable routes to market and a clear, consistent…


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What do you think are the main factors that prevent consumers buying sustainable fashion?

As it is my final year, I will be completing my dissertation. Which is based on sustainability. It is an investigation into the current market and looks at how to broaden the market through consumer/retailers opinions. 

Case studies are making up the majority of my work.

If anybody would like to answer the post title question, it would be a huge, gigantic help to my work. 

The question again is: What do you think are the main factors that prevent…


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Zoomorfic S/S2014

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