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Eco Designer Overview on Charini by Sass Brown

This weeks Eco Fashion Design overview is on Sri Lankan design label, Charini, who  specialize in luxurious and ethical lingerie. Charini celebrates the tradition of lingerie design, while eliminating metal and plastic components from all their designs.…


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Riz Boardshorts: Spring/Summer 13 collection

Riz Boardshorts produce beautiful and environmental boardshorts. They're made with 100 percent recycled and recyclable fabric and are digitally printed with earth-friendly water-based inks here in Britain.…


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Bangladesh factory collapse! Want to find out what you can do.

This week more then 200 workers died in the collapse of a factory building in Bangladesh, following previous factory fires that have also happened in the last few months. 



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Earth to Junky!

Founded by Annika Saunders and Kerry Seager in 1997, Junky Styling is an innovative design-led label. All garments are made from the highest quality second hand clothing, which is deconstructed, re-cut…


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- I hope many mainstream fashion brands will now rethink their policy of using cheap labour, or at least employ more staff to monitor and ensure buildings health and safety.

Do they have an obligation? I think they do, since they profit from such cheap labour.  They may not care, so long as they can get a cheap garment for penny pinching fashion hungry Europeans to buy.  I can't…


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Nula Kids First Collection Just Launched on Kickstarter


Nula makes playful, vintage-inspired kids clothes designed to fit for three years. Everything is sustainably made in the USA.


The first collection is available for pre-order now on Kickstarter.


Kids clothes don't have to…


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FareFashion: BIG Green Week Launch Party! Featuring Managing Director of Ethical Fashion Forum - Tamsin Lejeune

FareFashion: BIG Green Week Launch Party!

The UK's festival of eco ideas, art and entertainment is back in the centre of Bristol from 15h to 23rd…


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Greenpeace suspending sales of all textiles - Find out why

The environmental nonprofit organisation Greenpeace is suspending sales of all textile products until brands and suppliers are able to provide them with transparent information proving that they are able to produce clothing using zero hazardous chemicals throughout their supply…


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EFF's wish for the future

'Bottled Wishes' - 50 of the UK’s leading voices on building a more sustainable way of living were invited by Friends of Glass UK to share their hopes for the future. Each one has now been carefully inscribed onto…


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Eco Designer Overview on Deborah Lindquist by Sass Brown

Deborah Lindquist is an LA based environmentally conscious designer that specializes in one-of-a-kind creations made from vintage fabrications, cashmere, hemp and organic linen. Catering to a young, hip urban audience, Lindquist ‘s couture inspired creations are produced from a mix of recycled and new sustainable and organic fabrications.  For the full blog and a resource of…


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Let’s fix fashion: 1% campaign launches



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Do you want to become apart of Fellowship 500?

About Fellowship 500

The FELLOWSHIP 500 brings together pioneers and innovators dedicated to working collaboratively towards sustainability in the fashion industry. Members of the Fellowship commit to supporting other members and in turn benefit from a supportive network spanning the fashion industry,…


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launch of innovation vouchers for sustainable materials

InCrops and Kingston University London are launching industry-focused Innovation Vouchers and showcasing the use of novel bio-based materials in product and built design. The event is aimed at design companies,…


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Scottish jewellery designer Jane Gowans has launched her new collection, Captain, for 2013.

Jane Gowans is a contemporary Scottish Jewellery designer, with her studio based in Dundee. Celebrating the quality and heritage of traditional craftsmanship, each piece is made exclusively in the UK and hand finished by Jane herself in her studio. Each collection holds a…


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Autumn Leaves

This is elegant! I covered the base with Japanese chiyogami paper. The colors are white, orange, brown and gold. This is a bold ring-it really makes a statement!

It is on a silver tone adjustable band that will fit most ring sizes. It measures about 2.2 cm wide.

Though many layers of lacquer have been applied, I wouldn't get this ring…


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Ethical Fashion Forum is featured in this months issue of WeAr Magazine

This issue also features  Fellowship 500 members Eden Diodati and Titania Inglis!

For more information about WeAr…


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Upcycled paper challenge

Jake and Maya have launched an upcycling competition called 'Trash 2 Treasure', aimed at rewarding innovative uses of waste material. The programme will be a year long series of monthly challenges running from March 2013 to March 2014, with a different theme each month - Last month featured the Upcycled Denim Challenge. At the end of 12 months, an…


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Eco Designer Overview on Amanda Henderson by Sass Brown

This weeks Eco Fashion Designer preview is on recent FIT grad Amanda Henderson and her fabulous knitwear collection. Showing for the first seaon during New York fashion week in February of this year, the collection was 2 years in development, and it shows!  . http://www.ecofashiontalk.com/2013/04/amanda-henderson/#sthash.bgSWk9t2.dpbs…


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High End Vegan Footwear Collection on Kickstarter

Hello everyone!

I launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign on March 22nd for my new company KRŽE STUDIO and I NEED EVERYONE'S HELP to raise funds to put my first collection of high-end vegan footwear for Fall 2013 into production! I would absolutely love it if you checked out my project:…


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Not Fashion but earth friendly......

Not Fashion but very earth friendly I spent the weekend helping to plant this biological corridor -  linking two ancient woodlands. After many false starts this winter due to the weather we're now well on our way to finishing - 1000 trees in. Great to feel some sunshine at the…


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