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This groups is dedicated to all the Agents and Buyers who are interested in eco-friendly fashion.

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Comment by Maya Bhogilal on October 18, 2010 at 17:04
hey there!
i am looking for people that would be interested in exhibiting their designs- clothes and acessories for an exhibition in mumbai. or people looking to expand their retail market to india.
look forward to hearing from you'll.
get in touch with me for further details.
thanks a ton!
maya bhogilal
Comment by ravi maheshwari on August 22, 2010 at 9:07
hi ,
We are in Textile printing industry in (Jodhpur) India.We do job work of fabric printing .
Looking for buyers who like to get their fabric printed(export quality) .Chemicals used are GOTS approved.
Comment by Claudia Suarez on August 13, 2010 at 15:55
Hi everyone!

We are a young and dynamic ethical and fairtrade brand for jewellery and fashion accessories. We are currently looking to expand our network of agents and distributors. At the moment we have very successful arrangements in Scotland, Benelux and Austria. We are also working on potential arrangements in Italy and Spain.

Please visit our website and feel free to get in touch should you be interested in representation.

Kind regards,
Comment by Myriam Morgenstern on June 8, 2010 at 6:40

1- Agents
The agents are the Nogaya sales representatives for agreed territories. Their role is to sell the Nogaya items to deco shops, high street shops, retail chains, etc ... They do report to us regularly on their work. They place the orders with us by email.
• There is a minimum of USD 1,500 per order.
• They make 15% commission on the sale turnover they generate. For instance, the agent sells for USD 1,000, he/she makes USD 150.
• We expect an agent to generate a turnover of at least USD 10,000 a month.
• The commission is paid by money transfer once the customers have fully paid (100%) Nogaya.
• As a fair trade business, and as a partnership goodwill, we expect our agents to buy the samples at wholesale price.
The agents will have to manage the relationships with Nogaya retail customers on behalf of Nogaya. As such, they need to be able to explain the Nogaya marketing stance, especially in terms of lead time to manufacture the women artisans' items. The lead time can go up to 4 months for some items. They also need to talk about our payment terms. As a fair trade business, Nogaya pays its women artisan groups when the order is placed. Hence Nogaya expects its customers to pay a minimum of 50% of the order value at the order, the balance upon delivery.

In order to simplify delivery and to manage import regulations efficiently, Nogaya will sell its products FOB India or Israel. The transport will be arranged by Nogaya and charge at cost. All import duties, VAT and any other local taxes in the import country will be handle by the final customers.

2- Distributors
The distributors are the Nogaya selling arms and representative of Nogaya in agreed territories. They market the Nogaya products to their own network of customers. They organize marketing campaigns and promotions in order to push the sales. They use local advertizing when deemed necessary. They report regularly on sales progress.
• They buy Nogaya products at 70% discount on public selling price and resell to their customers at the public selling price. Based on their knowledge of the local market, they could sell at a higher public selling price and share the difference with Nogaya who in turn could share the extra profits with the women artisans groups in the form of extra training or supports.
• Nogaya expects its distributors to generate a minimum of USD 20,000 a month.
• As a fair trade business, Nogaya requests its distributors to pay 50% of order value at the order, balance upon delivery.
• The minimum order size is USD 5,000.
In order to simplify delivery and to manage import regulations efficiently, Nogaya will sell its products FOB India or Israel. The transport will be arranged by Nogaya and charge at cost. All import duties, VAT and any other local taxes in the import country will be handle by the final customers.
Comment by David McGill on December 5, 2009 at 17:18
Hi Veronica, if yiu would like to the new Argentina cloth designed for the World Cup fashion show e-mail me at
Comment by Veronica Martens on December 5, 2009 at 10:52
Dear Buyers,

Please allow me to introduce my project and myself. I am a fashion designer and, together with my husband, we are aiming to set up a business in the fashion and gift industry.

We have already started by importing handmade fashion & home accessories from our native country, Argentina. We examine the various ways in which fashion designers and artists approach eco-fashion and design, from materials and processes to concepts and techniques (products made from organic or alternative fibres, recycled or re-used materials).

Gek, Silvina Romero and Luachea designs are made out of recycled pieces of fabric and threads. They use leftovers from fabric and haberdashery dealers in Argentina.
Luachea emphasis is on recycling; using the elements they find around them, giving them new life as they artfully transform them into jewellery. The paper beads are created from magazines received from neighbours, beauty parlours, coffee shops and printing presses. The fabrics are leftovers from textile manufacturers and the leather and suede remnants come from shoe, belt, purse and clothing factories.
Gruba, VacaValiente and Perfectos Dragones main concept is to communicate how important is to care for our natural resources. Their innovative handbags are made of eco-leather (recycled cow leather). Recycled leather is composed of leather fibres produced by industry waste (leather craft scraps and tanning industry shavings) which is turn into a paste which is then rolled out in sheet of different thicknesses and specifications depending on the use it will be given.
VAG is a laboratory of design, integrated by industrial designers, who propose the use of alternative materials as a way to create innovative objects and accessories from the reusability of rubbers and fabrics.
Greca uses Polyester resin, which as other plastic materials comes from petroleum, but it cannot be melted to be reused. Thus, factories that work with this material discard their faulty production. Greca is associated to a button industry to use their resin discards to generate new products. Their goal is to extend their recycling beyond the handcraft scale to a more industrial one trying to rescue as much material as possible. Their environmental efforts begin using button leftovers creatively to produce new objects and, on the other hand, reusing the buttons or remains as part of the material we use to produce pieces designed on demand.
Las Guata creates unique pieces of contemporary art using Tagua seeds found within the pods of the Ivory Nut Palm (Phytelephas aequatorialis), a native species of the Colombian rainforest. Tagua is known as the "ivory of the rainforest", or "vegetable ivory" due to its exceptional carvability and since it serves as a viable alternative to elephant ivory, thus protecting those animals. The tagua seeds are harvested after they have fallen to the ground, so no harm is done to the rainforest during the production process. The collection of this natural product helps provide incentive to local forest inhabitants to protect the trees and keep the rainforest intact.
How is it made into products?
The tagua seeds are removed from the seed pod and transported to an artisan family or group for creating into the final product. The seeds are stripped of their outer shell and the raw seeds are then polished to achieve the desired result. If the hull is completely removed it will create a brilliant white nut that can be colored, or if the hull is partially left on it will create a "zebra" finish with stripes. The tagua can then be colored naturally and carved into different shapes if desired, creating a beautiful finished product that is both Fair Trade and eco-friendly.
The rest of the designers that we work with, use natural or sustainable resources to create one of a kind accessories

Most of our designers and artisans design and hand make their products themselves and, those who need employees employ underprivileged workers. We believe that style comes first. It is our basic assumption that no consumer will purchase our products because we are on the mission to save the Earth. Rather, people will buy what looks good on them or what’s hot. However, by promoting our brand, we hope to enhance the planet, elevate consumer consciousness, and transmit our values, not just our sense of style.
Our objective is to merge design with social and environmental consciousness to provide stylish, functional, and durable products that people will love to own.

Our company culture can be described as bright, passionate, colourful, daring, honest, generous and confident. We are committed to provide our customers with brilliant products and to exceed their expectations in every way possible.
If you interested in selling our products, please contact us on or visit our website for full contact details:
Looking forward to hear from you, kind regards

Veronica Martens
Comment by TheButterflyCollection on December 4, 2009 at 19:08

We are a UK based multi reailer of sustaibable menswear on would like to introduce you to our project

Rather then selling a desgin we are selling a story, with this in mind we are looking for limited edition apparel that has something to say about itself.........this would typically be semi-tailored, simple and contempary. Such stories would be beespoke jackets, shirts, denim, accesories, i.e. ties and scarves.

If anyone wants to get involved and start a collabration get in touch on or drop me a call on 07724764891

Comment by Charlie Ross on December 2, 2009 at 20:29
Hi There,

I represent an ethical retailer based in the UK.

If you are an ethical company, with stockists in the UK and would be interested in increasing your sales, please don't hesitate to contact me :

Best wishes,

Comment by ETICA + ELLA on November 1, 2009 at 11:51
Check out for beautiful dresses fo Spring/Summer 2010!
Comment by Anjali Schiavina on October 31, 2009 at 16:47
Good evening I am Anjali Schiavina founder and MD of Creative Art of Souls a GOTS Certified manufacturing and export company situated in Pondicherry, India. I believe in ethical and sustainable business and am open to brands and designers who would like to manufacture under these ideologies. We also have a signature boutique in Pondicherry CREART that is a platform for creators from all over who believe in sustainable, recycle, reuse and supporting livelihood issues. If any designer or brand wishes to retail in India please do not hesitate to contact me at

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