Personalised fabric labels - with embroidered unique bar code/qr codes

I'm trying to source textile labels which will have embroidered on them a logo, and an individual
reference code (this would be numerical, plus possibly a bar code, or
qr code). Each reference code will need be different on each label,
although the logo will be the same.

Plus... I need both the fabric used for the label, and the cotton used for the embroidery, to be
organic and from a sustainable source. I would also like to work with a
British company, to keep things relatively local, and to minimise air

Not too big an ask, then!

Any thoughts gratefully received.



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Hi Sebastian,

I see you didn't get an answer to your question here. Did you ever find a supplier in the UK? I'm in the same place right now, currently looking for a sustainable fabric label supplier, preferably based in the UK.

Would there be anyone you would care to recommend?

Many thanks in advance,

Alexia for Mayamiko Trust
you can meet your supply at I get my handbagsupply from it. You can find hundres of suppliers of the items you want.
I'll have a look... Thanks for your reply!

Hi Sebastian and Alexia,


We haven't been able to find a certified, ethical, UK based supplier so far.  We know of a label manufacturer in the UK who pay fair wages, but unfortunately they aren't certified and don't particularly use sustainable fibres.  But, as you say, it certainly cuts down on the air miles!!  Would they be of interest?  

Let us know if so: info(@)


Kind regards,


Offset Warehouse team.

Hi all,

We had the same problem finding a UK supplier who could provide organic cotton or RPET woven labels for our sustainable streetwear range.  With an apparent lack of UK suppliers we had to weigh up the carbon foot print for shipping from overseas against having an organic / recycled end product to complete our item.


Eventually we found this Canadian company:  Took a while for them to get back to us but since they did the communication has been prompt.

We went for 3000 labels (enough to last us a very long time as we're a new start-up) purely because there was a huge difference in cost per unit between this number and the MOQ of 1000 (75% cheaper!!).  From the quotes we've had we've found that most suppliers who offer 'no set-up costs' incorporate the set-up cost into the MOQ- so price per unit really drops if you can double of triple your order size.


Hope this helps.  Let me know how you get on



Future Fibres Limited

Hi Sebastian, 

    I'm wondering how the search has gone for you? Now that considerable time has past, I'm interested to know if the industry has caught up. The air miles are the main issue for me and it seems there is still very little in the UK. 

Kind regards, 

Sustainable Tailoring 

If you're still looking for fabric label suppliers in the UK you could try Britannia Garment Packaging


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