I have felt the need of academic papers/books on Ethical Fashion/Green Fashion/sustainable Fashion in order to educate the students of fashion design, technology and management and also to people those who are
associated with this sector. For that, I’m interested in collaborating with
academicians, industry experts/advocates of ethical fashion for co-authoring a
base book on Ethical Fashion.

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what do you mean? are you finding a partner or a suppoter?
I want someone (particularly an academician or industry expert or free lancer) who is working in the area of fashion business and is interested in co-authoring a book. It should not exceed more than three authors. Once that is decided, we could decide upon the thematic substance of the book, and divide that into different chapters among the authors. There are publishers in India who have already requested me for such publications. For that I’m looking for partner authors who could join me and develop manuscript for the book and get it published.

I would like to participate in a project like that! Let's get in contact to share details and qualifications.

My pleasure, the email Id is binayajena@gmail.com and you could have my personal details once I receive a communication from you on my email. Thanks
Kate Fletcher, Sandy Black, Matilda Tham are the authors who have already written on this subject area....you can find information on their books on our website: http://fashioninganethicalindustry.org/resources/books/
Thanks, I have already seen those publications. There is always a space for writing, where the context could be different. Thanks once again for your information.


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