Support Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 with THTC

Support Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 with THTC

This February see’s the 4th Annual Fairtrade Fortnight and for all those fashionistas with a conscience, the answer of how to support fairtrade is THTC.

THTC was set up 10 years ago with a view to bring fairtrade to fashion. Offering t-shirts made ethically from sustainable eco friendly fabrics. All of THTC’s products are made from three sustainable fabric blends - 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton, 70% bamboo and 30% certified organic cotton, and wind-farmed produced, carbon neutral 100% organic cotton. All are produced under ethically audited conditions.

If it’s fair-trade, ethical, eco friendly or pure organic you’re after then look no further, THTC has got it wrapped.

Some facts about THTC

●Using 55% Hemp in a t-shirt, compared to 100% conventionally grown cotton, saves over 2500 litres of water per t-shirt!

●THTC work only with ethically sound factories in China; a country with the longest standing hemp industry and Turkey and India with their pure organic cotton range.

●Hemp is an organic crop by nature, needing no pesticides to be grown.

●26% of all chemicals utilised worldwide in the agricultural sector are used in the non-organic cotton production.

●THTC uses organically grown hemp and certified organic cotton to produce all their garments providing natural hypoallergenic ranges.

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