During the 2nd millennium fag end  India faced  3.00 lakhs suicides in a  single decade time in cotton fields in just one district ! The Manufacture Evil in textiles has  crashed . Now one can see the awakening  in art and craft  of cotton and natural dying . Farmers now consider the  non GMO seeds and  non Hi-Brid seeds are gold in the time when the global economy is in down trend!

          More and more small operation comes to exist in 3 rd millennium on natural dyed on organic cotton more and more it tends to customized .

         New Millennium souls !   Farmers are now  back to basic are willing to become  non GMO  cotton  grower and Hibrid , they are more than gold to day !


In India, Nirvana is fact of life, it is not mystry ! It was forgotten for long bt West and east is repenting now for to have forgoten it .Farmers are simple , true , real , simple  and ones who are creative to live like a warrior of light in exploiting natures sources !   

It is the direct nature lesson  these farmers and their ancestors have learned from some long tradition like  71,000 years !

150 years of chemical dyed on synthetic fiber is not to make them forget their skill , abilities and  expertise of high level  in the streets of villages  in rural jungle !

Please visit us in the Face book pages  what we have developed in  Organic cotton and Natural dying.

          The significant progress  we have made is that all our garments are now finding real and true uses in India .The scientists of mind agreed  that the herb dyed color has power to clear; psychiatrists , psychologists and psychics agree that  emotional balance is arrived by use of it and the intellect is strengthened and helps spiritual upliftment as final destination for mankind !  

          People all over the globe were of the opinion that garments are to protect the skin . Like Hospitals are there to create customers , not to cure; as medicine is not for cure it is to give one or other side effects and thus 1.139 incurable diseases are invented in Global market as incurable . But , the fact in India was that it can cure almost some 4,400 diseases at physical , psychological and spiritual level in each human is time tested truth .

         Thus garments in India are not for fashion , attitude building and sexual attraction kind alone it is more than that . It holistic heals  body , mind ,  emotion , intellect and spirit . Colors in India are  sacred divine forces  once , long time  very long time ago  there were 10 divine herbs that protected women from rape. Since the British arrived our culture roots were cut to British Y chromosome miscreants , and  we in present India is 70% following the western aping  and to our share suffering from incurable diseases like Cancer , Diabete, Hiv+ and Alzhimere and etc.  SOME 150 YEARS AGO THERE WERE NO DISEASES IN CURABLE IN INDIA .With the arrival of Manufacturing Evil and Fashion Evenings , so called modernized Indian women lost all 10 gods protection and raped on road ! Now we have to take care of the dead women, other wise not raped !

            The current awakening is  to protect the women with the herbal dyed textiles . Natural dyed has great dept of color beauty to it .As everything is hand made  the form and color sets  in similar to natures objects  in ratio and proportion we ordinarily find in our and around us  in sea shell , flowers etc.    

This is the ultimate purpose for any textile on the earth . This is the virtue fashion . The true purpose of awakening in 3 rd millennium.      It is kitchen cum dye house research unit that produced the right herbal fabric dyed  for own use ! We are back to basic as it is business as usual for the workers and craftsmen. WE CREATIVE ADAPT  TO MAKE SUCCESS  OF THE PEOPLE ABILITIES AND PLACES FERMENTING BACTERIAS  TO ADD STRENGTH TO FIBER AS WELL HEAL THE BODY HOLISTIC !


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