Even after several millions of years Indigo , as textile-dying-craft is unfamiliar in the world !

    Indigo as many think is not a simple matter , in textile dying it is  a magic color giving a old dye in cult practices .Its sacredness is in simple words, it is it is spirit existing in all material shapes to all according to their perceptive mind .

    3% of the global population have understanding the whole of dye as such its healing power as herb and  wellness source to human body -spirit as a whole. Science we all know  deals only with parts of  part and faltered  terribly  in 3rd millennium .During evil millennium it arrived with sole aim of  destruction in  wars and demonstrated clearly till day  it is best used for more destructive purpose.Human body is  through destroyed  with systamic polluting the earths all vital sources  5 elements and 5 micro cosomes in human body , through the food , cloths and shelter  environs .In textiles  we find that Lycra and Spandex whole era created and it is 100% pure poison. In food we find plate and hand it touches also get poisoned .In shelter entire walls are lithium poisoned.When science is so powerful in evil time  it has not spared the divine dyes for clothes called Indigo, sacred food like milk, rice and fruits  of all kinds .

   Human body is 3 popular ways poisoned . One is biologically the accidents caused; GMO is causing men sterile  women  run after original animals as man is not enough ! Second, chemical level every biomes are muted .  Sex and lust appeal to clothes are attribute in all radiating level of heavy molecules free particles level , today shimmer and shine  of sex appeal is inevitable   in the name of fashion and style.If the bone morrow is dried or eaten by  heavy metalic molecules , people go after sex appeal as priority , for the pea nuts only crooked monkeys in trade was attracked!   Institutions like designers has recently met the bankruptcy and slow dying ! Hence Indigo was neglected in the hunt for money sex and violence .It has lead men to use the Ego , greed , selfishness uprooted fiedlity in men and lost virginity in girls .Moral has become dirty world to women on chastity .The ultra style and fashinistas are in trouble  with chemical and radiation .During evil time 80% of mass of men are this deluded . 17% of global  while collar force and dry intellects are criminals after money and sex conducted fashion parade .Only 3% are spirtually inclined are  wraping their body around cloths, as clothing . They do not even sewing them  in spiritual areas.Hence the practice of Natural Indigo was unfamiliar  to whole . 

  In all ancient old world  religious  faith and ways of living  virtue truth,real and creativity is alive till day . Only in  factional selfish groups  with book know-how based man made rules , laws ,scales and regulations of irration and illogic al  deluded local social animals ways of living on externation earth extration is polluting and poisoning lives .I has become necessary to get back to basic , as future is only important there  nowhere else !


 It is fact that virginity counts ,chastity works to make natural India go a success dye for all time ,past present and future also . Where ever it is missed it failed . Men must have fiedlity responsible family with in caste and community boundary of religion /spiritualism to inherit the skill and talents of our ancestors. Work with gratitude to one and all from family members to whole nation .Other wise the patience and care and love  is absent  and not only the skill disappeared  but impossible to follow in west today.      

 Since we are born into  agri art and craft of weaving  we are able to revive , revitalize and re create and re invent  by dediscovering the  poisons and re discovering the herbs in textiles of old India to new India .

 Now since we are already 13 years old in 3 rd millennium we have evidences to prove that the second is evil and 3 rd is bringing good in textiles .During 70 we are pitiable creates  though well educated in university roaming in Rural-Jungle . If we ask about organic food and organic clothes we were chased out on to streets like useless on streets . We joined a philosopher council in our rural village and started unlearning what we learned in universities and relearned  how to use herb  from  high level experts in art and crafts .

From rural poor school we relearned the cure for diabates ,sugar, from colleges syllebus re writing we re-learned  Cannibis oil can cure cancer , Leperacy and Hiv+ Alzhimeres  are not non curable in Govt .hospitals and for drugs companies views .Reports and views are lobbyied in Govt. Govt  is having fowl systems handy to use barbarian constitution and 2 party legislature  to use it well.    

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