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          During the 2nd millennium fag end  India faced  3.00 lakhs suicides in a  single decade time in cotton fields in just one district ! The Manufacture Evil in textiles has  crashed . Now one can see the awakening  in art and craft  of cotton and natural dying . Farmers now consider the  non GMO seeds and  non Hi-Brid seeds are gold in the time when the global economy is in down trend!

          More and more small operation comes to exist in 3…


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Even after several millions of years Indigo , as textile-dying-craft is unfamiliar in the world !

    Indigo as many think is not a simple matter , in textile dying it is  a magic color giving a old dye in cult practices .Its sacredness is in simple words, it is it is spirit existing in all material shapes to all according to their perceptive mind .

    3% of the global population have understanding the whole of dye as such its healing power as herb and  wellness source to human body -spirit as a whole. Science we all know  deals only with parts of  part and…


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Natural Dyed with out Mordants !

Natural dying has great depth of beauty  is well known.  In fact the gallexies visual impact example quoted    to natural non mordant or non chemical dying of fabrics is right .There is great depth to all natural dyed garments . They are just a living…


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Herb powering Garments to heal human body Holistic !

     These traditional workers on Herbs are inevitable for  all natural ethnic color  dying cottage unit . They are in fact the literate of Green Age, for thy have come to make this process success only  by unlearning  man made laws, rules and scales  and learn and re learn  as it requires. Hence other  literate women or men are not able to do  in ethnic way processing .…


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