Offset Warehouse at the RCA Show 2011

Last week we popped along to the RCA Show 2011 exhibition to see the newest, emerging designers. Here are three of our favourites - watch out for them in the future (because they will be big!)


We thought we'd done well with our sustainable, bamboo sunglasses, but we discovered the ‘Hair Glasses’, created by Alexander Groves in collaboration with Studio Swine.  Together they've created glasses that are totally biodegradable using natural resin and human hair. As the UK’s beauty industry imports human hair to the tune of £15mil annually, and with millions increasing in our global population, the idea is simply fantastic - reducing the use of plastic with a sustainable, renewable source - human hair!



Secondly, Pia Wüstenberg made a table completely out of ‘Processed Paper’.  By layering sheets of glued paper on top of each other, she managed to create a sturdy structure, strong enough to hold up plates and glasses.  What a fabulous way to recycle paper!



And our third favourite and simply amazing - organ replacements made from the natural fibre, silk.  The designer had jaw-droppingly managed to recreate a heart using silk from a silk worm, that was genetically modified to scaffold for a donor heart instead of using a machine. This incredible design was created by Veronica Ranner, who wants the world to be more involved with the ‘inanimate’ world around us.



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