How To Shop Without Over Consuming AND Over Spending?

We favour organic, sustainable and fairtrade fabrics and clothing, and of course using natural dyes.  Buying these environmentally and socially beneficial clothing, however, still does not address that our over-buying is a major detriment to our environment, and also has social implications for those that manufacture them, such as garment workers forced into slave labour, in order to make unfeasible and unreasonable deadlines.


But let's get realistic, at the end of the day, we love to shop.  It's important to stay fashionable, and buying a new outfit, makes us feel good.


So what's a solution? 

Buying vintage!





Because it is not only the most creative and individual choice around (your unlikely to be spotted in the same outfit!), it is also an extremely effective way to reduce extreme consumption


Recycling your old clothes and wearing vintage clothes and accessories is not only a fashion statement, it is an ecological statement as well.  By wearing vintage you can help save the planet!  (And if you needed any more persuading - you can also save a bit of money too!)



Buying vintage is being made ever easier by "swap-shopping" parties, (check out our resources for some great links), charity shops, reselling sites like ebay and retro shops like "Beyond Retro".


Offset Warehouse director, Charlie, is the queen of buying vintage.  Check out these oldies she's been rocking lately:


Cream, vintage Aquascutum jacket, passed down from her Grandmother, worn at the Observer Ethical Awards 2011.  This jacket is over 40 years old, but cinched in at the waist with a belt, looks like a current fashion statement.


Worn at a recent wedding reception (complete with silent disco - hence the headphones), 70's dress with pleated, flared sleeves, found in a charity shop and bought for £7!


Next time you throw something out, think twice - it might be a future vintage piece!


Keep following Offset Warehouse to be inspired with your ethical and ecological fashion ideas!

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