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Free Event for Ethical Designers - Next Thursday 25th October!

OFFSET COLLECTIVE EVENT | Free event for ethical designers next Thursday!

From fibre sourcing problems to customs & duties solutions, great marketing ideas and precious PR & sales contacts, the Offset Warehouse Collective event is the perf
ect opportunity to meet and talk with other ethical designers.

We'll be bringing along a range of fabrics that you can purchase in a group, so you can meet…


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Join The Offset Collective: Where Ethical Designers Meet

The Offset Collective is a free and exclusive social environment where ethical designers can connect both online and offline, to discuss fashion related topics and problems.  It is a place to share experiences, ideas and submit possible solutions to others' problems.  It is not a place for businesses to promote themselves.   It's about getting honest opinions from your ethical fashion peers and answers to all those sourcing nightmares.

The Offset Collective…


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Send Us Your Unwanted Textiles

Fabrics piling up in your cupboards?

About to throw them away?


Send them to Offset Warehouse and

we'll find them a wonderful new home!



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It’s time to re-evaluate your wardrobe!

Around 30% of clothes in the household wardrobe have been unused for at least a year. This is worth over £1,000 per household or £30 billion across the UK!

The average lifetime for a garment is 2.2 years. Extending the life of clothing by an extra nine months of active use would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30% each. It could save £5 billion a year from the costs of resources used in clothing…

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Discussion on Ethical Fabrics with A Master Consultant

Back by popular demand, we are now taking bookings for our Discussion on Ethical Fabrics.

Date: Thursday, 26 July 2012: 11am-12am

Venue: THECUBE, Studio 5, 155 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ

Offset Warehouse Ahimsa Silk

The session is ideal for those who want to learn more about ethical textiles,…


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New Eco Fabrics!

New Resources    New Fabric

(Left) New Resources: …


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What Happened At The Fashioning The Future Awards 2011...

As you may know, we were thrilled to have been shortlisted for the "Unique Enterprise" prize, for the Fashioning the Future Awards 2011.  Last night, we attended the ceremony at the East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, to bask in some runner-up glory.


The third annual ceremony was inspired by the UN's International Decade on Biodiversity, and saw applications from all over the globe submit projects for sustainability in fashion, to compete for…


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Trends Without Spends ... 40's Glam!

Trends Without Spends ... 40's Glam!…

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This Month's New Eco Fabrics

New Organic Silk

Organic Silk - Butter:…


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NEW Certified Organic Silks - From Offset Warehouse


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NEW | Eco Colours To Dye & Paint Fabrics...

New this week - Even more colours added to the fabric paints & finishes area. Have even more control in creating your designs ethically, by creating the colours you really want!

Check out our new colours here!…


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New - Eco Leathers & Reduced Shipping Cost

New This Week...…

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Zara Caught In 'Slave Labour' Scandal

On Tuesday night, Zara, the Spanish-based, global clothing giant was implicated in a slave labour scandal, reported on Brazilian television.


The case was made public during a show called "The League" on the Bandeirantes TV network, and claimed that the company had bought items made by Bolivian and Peruvian immigrants in illegal working conditions.  The reporters, accompanied…


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We've added some amazing new leathers to the shop - so take advantage of the lowered shipping costs before the end of August!…

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New Eco Fabrics & Paints




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RESOURCES | The Ethics of Wool

Wool is surrounded by a lot of ethical controversy - it's a natural fibre and a by-product, but is it really a by-product when we're importing it in and discarding our own?   Is it still environmentally friendly, even though it needs toxic chemicals to be cleaned?  How can it be cruelty-free when so many farmers still practice museling?




The processing of…


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NEW RESOURCE| Definitions of Clothing & Textiles Certifications

Check it out here:

Understanding the different certifications for clothing and textiles production can be confusing, so we've…

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D.I.Y Thursday | Campaign To Save Unused Buttons Everywhere!

Why do we insist on collecting tubs and tins-worth of random (but beautiful!) buttons, that we're sure will one day be the perfect replacement for the button that pops off our cardy?


Well, today we're campaigning for these sad, disguarded buttons, desperate to show off their splendour again, by creating charming, unique bracelets, perfect for fun, personalised pressies! (Also, a great rainy day project, for those bored little…


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