Hi, wanted to bring you all into our world and let you peek into the latest workshop we have been running. It was back to one of our favorite spots in Asia - Siem Reap

Excited and nervous - we were super ready to meet up with old and new faces!
Since our last visit, the workshop at the Artisans D'angkor - Chantiers Ecole had
expanded so we were there to work with them to further the skills. We
all need to be reminded ..sometimes i get so caught up with the modern
"ways" - that it's refreshing to really go back to basics and gear those
basic instincts of the trade.

It was really lovely to see that familiar dusty path lined with mulberry trees leading to the workshop door!

Lovely to see everyone and the workshop in full flow.. i love the buzz of machines and the smell of cloth.

Clara our sewing technician who kindly flew in from Malaysia to help me on this project at the Chantiers Ecole.

Her trademark red lipstick..... to die for! Everyone wants a lipstick! Special treat - we ran a lipstick lottery!

She's got lots of tricks up her sleeve to make those perfect garments!

We have a wonderful "model" who kindly agreed to test out some of the styles that we had been working on ...

Checking out last production garments and new changes that we need to fix up!..only one way as the panels are soooo
big.... the floor is the best place!

We had a few deep concentration moments!

Checking patterns,

and teaching how to work on the patterns

Clara doing her thing!!

The team preparing and cutting the paper patterns

Lots of cut work waiting for one of the artisans to put them together to become something...which one??

We spent a few days working on paper patterns, sharpening sewing skills,

Great to see smiles and seeing the team really practicing the skills that they have learned...enhance.

The Cutting teams...

Pressing team...

Quality control team

The teams

we are with the head sewer.. she's brilliant!

We were working up to the big day... the final lineup to see the results
of all of the hard work.. finished garments being checked

The big line up!!

Other great things that were going on.....checking it out after a yummy lunch at the on site cafe!

The workshops have grown which is great.. the silk farm also has a shop which is also increasing in size.. the building has
begun and will be complete soon....perhaps if you are lucky enough to
visit - you will see the finished extension!

Last but not least - here's Khoing who is the production manager for the silk farm - amazing guy who thinks of all of
the small details that make a part of the larger picture...gentle giant!
He's the one that is making everything at the silk farm run like
Here with our own Accessory designer Gar.

Here's the 3 of us chilling in the shaded cafe taking a well earned break!


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Comment by Anupa Horvil on May 24, 2010 at 10:11
hello my name is anupa (Www.anupa.net) and we are neighbours. I am a british indian designer based in saigon, vietnam. Would love to learn more about what you do and also share my work with you too. please contact me or skype me (anupaacessories) and lets share our work.

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