Quick update on our Peony Rice project.

This was a personal project started by myself last year under our Industria Collective family. We wanted to take our knowledge and connections in fashion and make it awesome to connect lots of different people together and create positive change and awareness of communities in Asia with a common connect fashion with a passion.

I personally love Peonies - they are beautiful symbols of strength, peace and delicate beauty.

I wanted to work with communities in South Asia and china which incidentally has proved to be tough, so we have been focusing on South Asia, one step at a time.

Finding a base company to work with also proved to be difficult as we have limited resources and wanted to work with an existing company that was effectlvely making change within their community. Our journey led us to Cambodia. We will be posting a more in depth cover of the trips that we have made and what exactly we have been doing with them in a couple of months.

So far in the past 6 months we have been busy making designing and making prototypes for Peony Rice and now it's already it's 2010. Our main focus is that we keep creating employment and upgrading skills for the local communities involved in our project.

We are also exploring other locations in Vietnam and Indonesia so we are busy planning trips to these destinations and we will see where this will lead us.

I am very excited for 2010. I feel that finally after all these years, that there is a reason for being and doing what i do. i am happy to say that my friends are supporting thru the good and the difficult times.

I can't wait to share it all with you and in the next 6 months - there will definately be lots to share.

Hope you can be patient!

Meanwhile.. you can follow us on HERE

love Paulinex

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Comment by Rachel Dolan on January 20, 2011 at 18:35

Hi Pauline,

I just read your post and I think what you are doing is amazing. I spent 2 years living in Saigon. I had a boutique Bien Vien street where I designed clothes and my friend sold her bikinis. i really miss it alot. i came home and felt a bit lost. i love fashion and designing but felt the world didn't need another fashion designer lol. i wanted to make cothes with no negative impact on the environment. which lead me to this website. Would love to learn more about what you do and maybe have a wee brainstorm. With recession poverty and uncertain future its great to see people like yourself trying to make a difference. 


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