Now we able to get back to this site - we can play some catch up on where we have been.

We just got back from Vietnam after sourcing trip and now are feeling extremely motivated but the thought of what is to come is also quite overwhelming.


Some BIG questions have popped up.

Working as we do to build relationships with small communities in south asia and appreciating and working with the beautiful cloths that are produced - with many a time a dying technique.. how do you really make it commercial enough a product to keep going and support these communities and yourself and to keep the whole process self sustainable and beneficial to these communities. How do you turn your know how around.. be confident that you can do this and keep ploughing through.

Alot of people in the fashion industry still think i am quite mad for starting what i am doing... and the path to doing it. They don't understand why we wouldn't just design, make and churn out product at a basic cost in china and sell the hell out of it..the amount of money burned in the fashion industry - is quite substantial. A small piece of that could actually bring back some serious skills and training that is lacking in certain parts of south asia that could reignite the beauty of the traditional as well as improve daily lives for many disadvantaged workers/ Artisans.


We have alot of thinking to do for the beginning of a new year - and look forward to being able to connect with fellow members to share some ideas around this.




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