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This is a post from my blog ( It's just a recent one, and this is just to test how blogging on this site works. Please feel free to comment! 


Hi hi, 

I just wondered... would it be helpful/interesting if I posted my outfits every so often to show how to incorporate ethical pieces into day to day…


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Hi everyone, 

I am a second year student at Jesus College, Oxford.

I am doing my dissertation on 'ethical consumption' and the responsibilities faced by consumers in today's market. 

  For this, I need a range of ethical and eco clothing and accessories shops in which I will conduct short interviews with customers and shop staff or (if possible) the manager of the shop. 

In return for your time, I will happily let you have access to my…


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In the beginning....

   Hi :)

I'm a Second Year Geography student at Jesus College, Oxford.

"What's this weirdo on a fashion site for?" I hear you say. 


 I am going to do my dissertation…


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