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Hi hi, 

I just wondered... would it be helpful/interesting if I posted my outfits every so often to show how to incorporate ethical pieces into day to day outfits? 

  A few people have been in contact to say that they struggle to 'green' their style as it involves buying so many new pieces. This really isn't true. In some ways, buying a whole load of new clothes and binning your old ones is actually one of the worst things you can do. Cherish your clothes, love the pieces you already have. Sure, next time you want to buy something please consider an ethical piece - swap your Topshop for Oxfam, or something similarly ethical. But, please don't feel that I'm asking you to throw out everything you own and start from scratch. 

  As a somewhat penniless student I'm certainly not in a position to go buying tonnes of new clothes, and so I'm concentrating on trying to re-wear and re-style some of the things I already have, and gradually add more ethical pieces as I go along. 

  Anyhow - I though I'd try uploading a few outfits that I wear over the next few weeks to show how to add in some ethical pieces into day to day outfits. Let me know what you think :)

Ok - so apologies it's not a very clear outfit photo, I'm waiting for le boyfriend to send me the ones we took on his camera which have better shots of the whole outfit. 

    Here, I'm wearing a shirt that was originally a men's thick cotton shirt from FatFace, but I got in a second hand sale super cheap. It's really snuggly and is my fail safe cover up for casual days. My dress (shown below) is from H&M, and isn't ethical..... The sunglasses are by MonkeyGlasses, and I was lucky enough to be sent them for free! MonkeyGlasses is a Dutch company that make glasses and sunglasses from sustainable materials, and for every pair sold they donate money to Rainforest and Monkey protection charities.

H&M Dress 

So - the point of this is just to say that by simply adding a couples of ethical things to an outfit, it makes a difference :) In this case, my sunglasses and second hand shirt are my ethical pieces, combined with a high street dress. 


Just remember, that slow fashion (where you see pieces as investments and care for them and re-wear them again and again, rather than seeing them as disposable items) is really key. So what if the only jeans you can find that fit perfectly are from a non-ethical high street store? By caring for them, (and maybe mixing in an organic cotton shirt?) you're contributing to a slow fashion movement: less waste, less production, less environmental and social damage. 


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