Hi :)

I'm a Second Year Geography student at Jesus College, Oxford.

"What's this weirdo on a fashion site for?" I hear you say. 


 I am going to do my dissertation on ethical fashion; the impact that micro-finance initiatives have on women and their agency in developing countries. In order to do this I need to get a good idea of ethical fashion projects, what makes them 'ethical', and what indeed, 'ethical' even is. I am currently also considering doing further study, be in a PhD or masters, in development studies and business. 

  I've always been driven towards trying to help people, and it seems only natural that I want my future career to be dedicated towards charity work, development, environment, ethics and sustainability. I would also utterly love it, if I could incorporate my love for fashion within this career.

I've always been a little quirky, which is proving useful in identifying lesser-known ethical and environmentally friendly brands and companies. I don't have a particular 'style' myself, although I tend to unconsciously veer towards having a punky sort of edge... no matter how hard I try to embrace pastels or florals... there must be something wrong with me!

Anyway - if anyone has any advice or information that could possibly help me that'd be great. Also, if anyone has any questions for me then please go ahead and ask :) I'll now try and work out how to post interesting articles on here! 

In the mean time, while I continue to work my way round this site, please do check out my other blog at 

www.fairtraid.blogspot.com  which is also available on Tumblr. 

Thanks for reading :) 


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