D.I.Y Thursday | Campaign To Save Unused Buttons Everywhere!

Why do we insist on collecting tubs and tins-worth of random (but beautiful!) buttons, that we're sure will one day be the perfect replacement for the button that pops off our cardy?


Well, today we're campaigning for these sad, disguarded buttons, desperate to show off their splendour again, by creating charming, unique bracelets, perfect for fun, personalised pressies! (Also, a great rainy day project, for those bored little Offsetters!)


(...and if bracelets don't float your boat, check out how to turn these buttons into adorable button tacks !)



What You Need

Approximately 20-25 buttons, depending on how long you'd like the bracelet (or necklace etc) to be, scissors and some stretchy 0.5mm fish wire (you can find this in craft stores) - fish wire is nicer, as elastic looks quite chunky and spoils the look!.



What To Do?


1 - Measure out & cut your piece of fish wire: It should be 1 – 2 cm longer than your wrist size (so there is space for you to tie the ends together).


2 - Thread the wire through the button holes or back loops until you fill up the length of the wire - overlapping is good.


3 – Tie the ends together (double knot is preferable, to ensure that extra security).


et voila!



These little treasures are a great way to use grannies buttons she left you, or make adorable gifts for little Offsetters - but please do be careful not to give these to young children who may choke on the pieces.


Got anything better?  Forward us your creations you think everyone would love! info(@)offsetwarehouse.com


Check out OffsetWarehouse.com for more eco friendly craft products!




*Disclaimer: being crafty without proper ear and eye protection can result in a visit to the hospital.  Offset Warehouse is in no way responsible for any damages. Be smart, be safe.*

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