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Turns out Eco Fabrics really can be cheaper than the high street

I’ve been in the eco fabric business for a long while now and I’ve heard all the misconceptions under the sun about buying ethically. So I thought it was about time to set the record straight and bust some eco-fabric myths!  Here’s the first in our series…

Buying Eco Friendly Fabrics is More Expensive!

Well the answer to this is a little bit yes and a big NO!

I’m not going to pretend that …


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Fashion students...why aren't you saving the world?

During Graduate Fashion Week we talked to eight budding eco fashion design students from London, New Zealand and India, to find out how easy “being ethical” actually is and why so many of our future designers seem so disinterested in saving our planet.…


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Ethical Lingerie by Jessica Van Twuiver

My name is Jessica van Twuiver and I studied Fashion Promotion and Imaging, focused on ethical fashion.

I have always admired beautiful lingerie and aspired to a career that would make a difference. When I…


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Confined Space Ethical Concept Store

Confined Space Ethical Concept Store is a new, independent, online store that offers a creatively curated selection of contemporary …

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Designer Eco Fabric Sale This Saturday - London

image image image image


Don't Forget: This Saturday 31st August!



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BANGLADESH FACTORY COLLAPSE: Not the first; not the last.

It’s time to stand up for workers, and for ethical working practices worldwide. Offset Warehouse’s “Still Alive” campaign is calling on us …


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ORGANIC THREADS now with FASTER delivery times and CHEAPER shipping costs!!

Because we listen when you tell us stuff!

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ALL NEW RECLAIMED FABRICS | Don't leave these reclaimed fabrics out in the cold this winter!

Our reclaimed fabrics are offcuts and leftovers from designers that would have otherwise been sent to landfill! So don't delay and help the environment, we have lots of different styles, types and textures to suit all your fashion and craft needs during the festive season! …


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British Ethical Fashion Designer: Ada Zanditon In the Spotlight

Ada Zanditon, a British, ethical fashion designer, challenges the common stereotypes when it comes to fashion and doing all things ethical.

For Ada, her label is about constructing a system that both allows her to achieve beautiful,…


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Interesting Revelations On The Fashion Supply Chain

Some interesting revelations here by Helena McKeown, who attended one of our Key Design Skills seminars this month. We particularly like the bit "... there is no excuse for corporations making million dollar profits to say – oops, we cannot control our entire supply chain. Of course they can – it just will cost more than they want to…


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Creative Christmas Stocking!

Get creative and customise your very own Christmas stocking with designers' leftover fabrics.  We have tones of reclaimed fabrics that are waiting to be rescued, reused and remade into festive stockings.

Appliqué beautiful letters, create Christmas…


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Get Eco Fabric Vouchers On Your Christmas Wish List!

Great for students worrying about funding their creations, and perfect for us crafty folk who want to splash out on something we wouldn't normally! We'll even send it out in a gorgeously, sparkly Christmas card with a message to the recipient.

Limited availability, so get your request in quickly!…


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Don't forget the United Nations Climate Conference today!

The United Nations Climate Conference serves as a meeting for political parties…


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FABRIC LOVE | Tons of New, Ethical, High Performance Fabrics!

Our ultra amazing, new, high performance tested fabrics are the best of the best. The fabrics are perfect for interiors, upholstery and fashion, and the vibrant colour choice is another added bonus to this supreme quality range.

How about this gorgeous Monarch in…

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Don't miss your chance to book the last of our Key Skills for Informed Design seminars this Thursday!



The seminar will cover a whole range of subjects, skills and core information needed for designing in an environmentally safe and socially…


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CALL FOR CLIMATE CHANGE | Everyone's going green!

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Doha, Qatar, starts Monday 26th November - a week today!

Forest protection, sustainability and carbon emissions are just a few of the topics that will be discussed, and just a few of the things that we are deeply passionate about here at Offset…


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FABRIC LOVE | Someone please give these little fabrics a home!

Yesterday we were going crazy over our new pink bamboo fabric but lets not forget our reclaimed and offcuts! Designers gave us these leftover fabrics to find them a new home! Just look at how gorgeous this Scarlet Red Satin is!…


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FABRIC LOVE | It's new, pink & it's Bamboo!

We are going crazy for this Organic Cotton & Bamboo fabric in shade Rose, It has a beautifuly subtle lustre and a wonderful handle. Oh and keep an eye out for the blood-orange shade too, its just gorgeous!

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ORGANIC COTTON | Some little fashion facts

Cotton is farmed in around 90 countries worldwide and Organic cotton is farmed in around 22 counties worldwide. For cotton to be considered truly 'organic' with an organic symbol it has to be verified by independent certification bodies that check the standards of production and manufacturing. 


The biggest benefit of Organic cotton is to ensure cotton farmers get fair pay for their work as well as better working standards. Regular Cotton uses pesticides to ensure no nasty…


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