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At 10:48 on October 18, 2013, VISHAL TRIVEDI said…


At 11:19 on June 19, 2011, N.J.Bond said…
At 6:44 on October 6, 2010, KRISHNA SHANKAR PRASAD said…
dear madam ,
to see new design and our product in yarn dyed on handloom , plz click the below link
At 16:37 on September 15, 2010, BUYING SOLUTIONS said…
We manufacture handmade silk and cotton fabrics. Tussar x Tussar, tussar x Cotton, Eri, Tussar x Zari etc, We also supply yarns as per the requirements. We work directly with weavers communities for our fabric manufacturing. We produce both Yarn dyed and piece dyed and can customise your requirements. We would be happy to offer you yarn also. Please do let us know if we can be of assistance to you. We are based in India.

Kind Regards,
Vipin Bhanot

+91 9850407676
At 15:33 on August 9, 2010, Laricea Ioana Roman said…
Dear Holly,

My name is Laricea Ioana Roman and I am a student at Kingston University, London (KU ID 0942659). I am doing a Master in Marketing, Advertising and Communications and at the moment I am writing my Dissertation. My topic is related to ethical clothing, more specifically, I am investigating how personal values influence customers' decision to buy ethical clothing. In order to come up with some answers for my topic, I need some opinions from people who actually bought ethical clothes.

This is the reason why I am kindly asking you to help me and fill in my questionnaire. It will take you no more than 10 minutes and you can win three books and £30 vouchers!

Thank you for your consideration,

Laricea Ioana Roman
At 13:18 on May 12, 2010, Daniel Godfrey said…
hey hols!

from multi-tasking to mega tasking! sound very exciting!

I've been making stuff again!! at last.. finished a bag and some jeans... thought i'd show the students I do more than think of stuff for them to do!!

That's cool about camden.. When i've a mini collection together i'll be on your case!

Be great to hear about your Woven Textiles business.. keep me posted!

: D
At 3:09 on April 26, 2010, N.J.Bond said…
Hi Holly,

Totally organic and Natural Indigo dyed denim jeans on live Processing at cottage level made Denim Jeans similar to 17 th century reproduction but fashioned to current tast with hand embroidry, avaialble. Please visit our web www.transindiaexports.net
At 17:35 on April 25, 2010, Daniel Godfrey said…
hey holly!! hows the mega multitasking going? I've just got my work into the Bullring birmingham! wooo! I would be interested in stocking camden.. need about a month to get it together.. let me know a bit more about it! : D
At 23:31 on March 15, 2010, Mary Hanlon said…
Hi Holly,

You were there at the conference and we didn't meet! Oh!
Thank you for your comments about Social Alterations, the FEI conference was such an exciting opportunity for us, and we truly enjoyed every second of it!
It would be fantastic if you could share your notes/thoughts on the Shared India project as a quest blogger on the site. I think readers would really be interested to hear all the details. I saw the CSF video on the project, its linked in the videos section of the site, and it looked amazing!
Thanks for the message, and again, I'm sorry we never connected at the FEI conference! I should be back in London within the next few months, and we could grab a coffee!

Look forward to hearing from you,

At 12:37 on March 4, 2010, jacqueline said…
Thanks for the friend add
i had emailed you again ... did you receive a second email from me?

Etiher way i am definitely interested in selling at R.Showroom so will get some pics over to you asap.

At 16:57 on February 11, 2010, jacqueline said…
Hey Holly
the runway showroom sounds interesting
can i have more info
including price list sent
you can email me at info@akabidesign.com
At 9:57 on December 2, 2009, Prama Bhardwaj said…
Hi Holly
Thanks for making contact
My email address is prama@mantisworld.com
Look forward to your CV

Best wishes
At 16:37 on October 27, 2009, Geraldine Fourmon said…
Hi Holly,

we definitively need a hand and would be great to have someone new in the team.

here is a bit more: after a trip in India last February, I have jumped on a long lasting dream to develop a fashion line with the focus of making sure it is eco-friendly throughout all parts of the design, make and production.

We are a small team, myself with four others (from fashion, architecture and graphic design backgrounds) who are passionate about starting this range - but very much on a part time basis because this is not a funded project and everyone also has other commitments (apart from myself who is doing a business course to support this project).

After my trip to the region of Pondicherry especially and meeting various contacts and small local businesses, I saw the potential of beginning something very special and unique... a new fashion range of tshirts embroidered in an eco-conscious manner, but very innovative and desirable design... trying to break away from the mould that the word 'eco-fashion' evokes and make sure that the design aesthetic is not weakened by the fact that it is eco.

We are in the middle of designing the pieces and are now looking for someone who is keen to be involved and experienced in drawing up designs and bringing a constructive eye to the collection. But also to develop a blog, a list of buyers/clients, to keep an eye on ethical fashion events, websites... So much to do that I am sure we can find something that could suit personal and specific interests.

As I mentioned, none of this is funded, but could be a fantastic project to be involved with and I am very keen to encourage anyone working on the project to join me in India (btw the 11th of Jan and the 12th of april) and work with the embroiderers and small factories and develop the range out there.

This is a lot of information and it would only become clear whether this is anything of interest to you after maybe we meet up... so you can see the vision and aesthetic that we want to achieve and then you could decide if it would be something that you could put some time and enthusiasm to.

Looking forward to hearing from you
on malvinaldine@hotmail.com
At 15:58 on October 27, 2009, Anne Prahl said…
ooh no, what are the dramas ??? i am totally out of the loop...i have finally started on a very exciting (paid) project, so i have kind of moved on...what's happening though??? might have to discuss that via he (secure) facebook message page?! how are you getting on??

; ) x
At 13:35 on September 21, 2009, Bibico said…
hello holly!!!! you look very good dress up!!!!....this is the tartan from STI?.....good luck for tongiht. x snow
At 14:40 on September 19, 2009, Mary King said…
Hi Holly, I am interested to see you were involved in Shared Talent India as we supplied fabrics for this project and would love to know how you found the whole experience. Please check out our new website and blog page www.panchachuli.co.uk
Kind regards Mary
At 0:54 on September 17, 2009, David McGill said…
Hi Holly, interesting to hear your story about using tartans in your final collection. Love to see them.
Please have a look at www.internationaltartans.co.uk / www.tartansforafrica.com / www.sakurascotland.co.uk
If you drop me a line at davidmcgill61@yahoo.co.uk I'll send you some info and images about our fashion shows and opportunities for designers.
At 16:35 on September 16, 2009, John Melvin said…
Hello Holly,

Thanks for the mail and kind comments. I can sadly claim no credit in their creation, apart from indirectly introducing the two actual designers, my wife and my family friend David McGill - who is also on the EFF and definitely worth a look-up if you're interested in tartans. He's not hard to find: just look out for the tartan sheep.

We got the first batch made down in England, but our producers have very recently gone into administration. Dave is responsible for finding producers, and is currently researching both north and south of the border, as well as in South Africa, which would help his International Tartans project (www.internationaltartans.co.uk) and Tartans for Africa project (www.tartansforafrica.com). If that's not whetted your appetite, then there's a bit more about us at: www.sakurascotland.com Saw your Indian connection - we are working with an Edinburgh-based charity, Scottish Love in Action, that currently support a couple of schools in India. One of our medium term goals is to encourage production in India, ideally by the 'untouchables' SLA care for.

Would be interested to see your collection(s?) of tartans.

Best wishes and welcome to EFF!


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