The importance of vintage clothing stores

Visiting a São Paulo city jumble store

It wasn’t the first time nor is a local that I use to go very often even because my concept of the vintage clothing stores isn’t the same for little more than two or three years. For whom think of jumble stores are darken and small places that smell the old days and sniff just because is going to buy an outfit or an accessory that had already been used by someone else, it’s better to recycle its ideas!

Yes, I must agree that the experience in buying at this kind of shops here in Brazil, specifically in Sao Paulo city and mainly in the countryside cities, is not yet one of the best. And this happens because there are few stores that make a selection of the best clothing pieces (separating them in epoch, genders, brands), think of the organization of the clothes and accessories (color, size, gender) and of the interior design for a consumer feeling welcome and treat the business seriously, this means, the owners should “get the house” to attract people.

Recently I had the opportunity to know the vintage clothing store called Juisi by Licquor, one of the most conceptualized São Paulo city’s vintage shops, as well as the stores B.Luxo (which I know) and Minha avó tinha. The shopping experience in these three examples is (almost) the same as any person has in any other fashion and accessory shop: the display window gets the consumer’s attention, the clothes are selected and separated in the shelves and you are well attended by a salesclerk who knows everything about each and every product. The only and main difference between these places and the common shops is the not existence of collections and the same clothes and accessories.

Juisi by Licquor entree

Women's wear

Men's wear




A mix of products

If you are an updated person who enjoys fashion and cares about the origin of your clothes (the most of them is made from exploitative labor practices), there is no other better opportunity to buy an exclusive, unique and cheap product, beyond of being the perfect alternative for your purchases in those popular department stores. After all, it has never been so in fashion wearing vintage clothes and accessories. And you, are you going to be out of this?

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