How Brazilian fashion allies sustainability

It’s important for the foreigners to know that there is still this polemic and inconclusive debate about what the Brazilian identity in fashion is (or should be). So this talk was one of the questions raised in some point at the“Sustainable Fashion” course and, saying that, nothing better than to rethink about this concept at times of sustainability, or better, to ask what the best manner to utilize the Brazilian fashion way of doing to the sustainable principles is.

Defining the Brazilian identity in fashion is at least a very hard task because Brazil is a huge country which has received many influences from different cultures and, therefore, plurality is one of its qualities. Another question about this subject and, related to sustainability, is the doing things locally. After all, what is the meaning of having a clothing piece or accessory designed in Brazil but made in any other corner of the planet? To value our supply chain, our handwork and crafts and to offer fair working conditions are also part of sustainable development.

In this sense, simplicity is one of the paths of the sustainability in the Brazilian fashion. Using the concepts of upcycling, the already existing materials or discarded by the industry and uniting the creativity and the crafts techniques of the people involved in the creation and production process, the sustainable label made in Brazil can be of well-elaborated, beautiful and attractive fashion products coming from simple ideas to the consumer.

This concept is shown by the following Brazilian brands which raised the flag for a Brazilian sustainable fashion.

Bag for Life

The bags of this brand are only made of ecofriendly materials and they have a differentiated, creative and exclusive design. Besides that BFL works with artisans cooperatives and posses other projects, like My Save Bags – returnable bags made of nylon – and partners which reaffirm the social and environmental responsibility of the company.

The surface design of this clutch bag is made of scraps of threads and lines creating a nonwoven lace trim done by hand

And this clutch bag collection is made of waste wood from furniture industry

Tha Masterpiece collection consists of totem bags made of recycled truck canvas. The illustration is created by the Brazilian illustrator Ricardo Pires (Pirecco) and it is hand painted by the artist.

Flor de seda

Vera, the creator of this accessories brand does a social work that consists of capacitating Brazilian women of poor and lacking communities and at risk situations to develop their manuals and creative habilities.

The ponytail holders are made of textile waste

Vera wears one of her creations - here is a necklace. And the ponytail holders are being used as headband by Chiara.

The totem bag is handcrafted and unique

Le Recyclè

The label was created by Aline Daher last year. The idea is to give a touch of modernity in thevintage bags bought at jumble stores.

Vintage clutches become modern with new accessories and fabrics

Aline Daher, the creator, with one of her purses

By Mutation

This French-Brazilian brand created by the fashion designer Gabriela Mazepa has as a motto these words: we like what you don’t like anymore. This idea in practice means in the recovering of the clothing items of other fashion labels, of vintage stores and even of the clothes and accessories in excess at friend’s wardrobes that in any other way were going to the trash. Trusting in upcycling, the brand creates unique and limited products which are manufactured by NGOs.

A mix of collar and hood made of textile waste

Chiara Gadaleta

The fashion designer Chiara Gadaleta has an accessory line called “Being sustainable with style” and the bracelets and necklaces are made of reclaimed fabrics of her old brand Tarantula.

A necklace and bracelets made of discarded fabrics and which they are exclusive by their unique design.

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