My experience about replica facts so that you will not meet the scam again.

I’m going to start my topics about how to shop replica luxury handbags online. Also as a buyer like you, I will share my experience about replica facts so that you will not meet the scam again. hopefully this post can help.

1. Fact about authentic bags sold online.

If you find any website besides claimed that they are selling New Authentic Designer handbags online, especially with discount. It’s 100% sure that it’s a scam.

Those luxury designer handbags are notable for their price never yield. So if you find any website selling authentic handbags with big or small discount, don’t trust it.

Like, Louis Vuitton, they only have ONE official store online. So if you are not shop from the official store, you won’t find any NEW AUTHENTIC bags too.

2. Facts about Replica handbags Rating.

You will always get puzzled by different ratings for the replica online. AAA, 3 stars, 7 stars, 1:1 quality, A class.

A class: this is the lowest level, very poor making, highest price no more than 5 dollars. This is only a imitation of, like logo, or something.

AAA, 3 stars, 7 stars: these are what you will usually find on the web store. They are in fact no much difference. The different name is due to that, when factory A make a good copy, they will call it AAA quality; the next day, factory B has made a better copy, so they will called it 7 stars, and then factory A will strike harder for the competition and get an even better one yet still called it AAA quality. So these terms are meaningless.

In fact, most replica selling online are at these level. To judge whether the replica is high quality replica handbags or not, the most direct way is to judge the details of the product pictures.
Is every logo at the right position?
Is the lining natural as the real one?
For example, the speedy bag, you will see 5 stitches as the real one, then this is a good replica.

Replica Speedy Bag

Is the serial number at the same format as the real ones?
For example, the Louis Vuitton serial number are printed as AA3099 ( AA reflects the place, the first and third number means the week it’s produced, and second and the fourth number means the year it’s produced.)

So, if you find a bag who are so careful about this detail, you can rest assure that the bag is a high replica, or at least, the manufacturer has a well look-over and knows the details to make a bag look like real. To shop with a more experienced replica maker is alway a wise choice.

Also, most store owners online are the distributor. You can find if the store owner has noticed those details, then you can see if this store owner is an experienced person in trading Replica. If the store owner doesn’t take pictures about those details, you surly cannot rely on them to get you a Top replica from the supplier, right?

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