Hi everyone,

I just graduated from university in December and have been trying to find a way to break into the fashion industry from and ethical standpoint. I was lucky enough to come across a great organization that would help me get my career going in the direction I want, but I can't get there all by myself. I'm trying to raise money to travel to Uganda this in August with a vocational program called Sewing Hope.  Each summer Sewing Hope makes trips to Uganda to provide technical training in tailoring, among other things. These sewing skills allow the community members who take the classes to gain life skills they can use to create their own businesses, make money, and improve the lives of their families and communities. Most of the tailoring students apply their skills to perform garment alterations as a way to earn money, while a few others have instead taken to redesigning garments bought from the markets and reselling their new product.


Teaching Ugandan community members skills to help them improve their lives would be an incredible experience and definitely help me get started down the path I would like my career to go.  The only trouble is it will cost me $4000 (to cover airfare, lodging, visa, etc) to make this incredible opportunity a reality, which is something I definitely don’t have at the present time. That’s where you come in. I need help obviously raising sufficient funds (even something as small as $5 would help a lot) but also getting the word out. If you would be willing to tell everyone you knew (or at least those who you thought would be interested in supporting something like this) just imagine what could happen! Not only would it increase my chances of raising enough money but it might inspire others to volunteer with other organizations that are doing great things.


I’ve set up an online campaign, “Help Sewing Hope Volunteer” on thepoint.com. Here is a direct link to my campaign page: http://www.thepoint.com/campaigns/campaign-0-1945. It would really mean a lot, and be a huge help, if you could “join” my campaign and make a small donation. But like I said earlier, just telling your friends about it is an enormous help.


Thanks so much!

Sarah Pietruszka

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