These Gorgeous earrings from Hirotaka Inoue look at first glance like a sort of sea creature but actually they were inspired by exotic flowers. The Tokyo-based jeweler explained that “he saw these in the tropical forest in Thailand”. This earring is inspired by a hook orchid and lantern jasmine. We get these flora exotica earrings by Tokyo-based designer.


This is not even a bit surprising. His collection to which he has given his own name is based on both, aquatic and terrestrial beauty of nature. He got the inspiration for his serpent and Naja rings from reptiles. Inoue’s thorn rings are fashioned from plain 18K yellow, white or beige gold pays tribute to the prickly yin to a rose’s yang. They are then studded with white and black diamonds. Besides, he uses diamonds as the eyes of seahorse hoop earrings and playful chameleon pendants, and offers whimsical butterfly, bird and skull amulets, as well......Read More

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