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Fashionable belts

Like other fashion accessories belt also plays important role in fashion. Therefore belts are also a fashion item which is important for almost all occasions. Due to the belts available in different variations this could determine the event to which the belt would be worn for instance Indianapolis colts belt buckles and pyramid belts are not appropriate for wearing at work or party but these belts are usually worn with formal wear actually......… Continue

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What is good way of finding own fashion style

Finding your own fashion style is not a hard task. As its old saying that our cloths speaks so much about us as whether it suits on us or not. You should know that what ever you wear it conveys something about you what kind of person you are such as our personality, preferences, and inhibitions etc.

It seems frustrating in the beginning while making up your mind for discovering your own fashion style as one thing will start arising in your mind about what other people’s opinions…


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Silk Saree

Silk saree gives a royal look to women. It is known around the world for their beauty and elegance. It is a tradional garment of Indian women. Women from every culture adorn themselves with the beautiful silk saree. It is the saree which can wear on wedding receptions or other occasion. Silk saree come in many varieties and colours. It is really elegant and boost the…


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Variety of Saree

Sari is one of the most wonderful dresses worn by Indian women. Infact, when one thinks of a typical Indian woman Indian saris maintain the very essence of our Indian culture. Indian saree come up in a variety of sari fabric, exquisite styles, beautiful prints, exclusive embroideries like Zari, Resham, beadwork and studded stones with a palette of rainbow colors. Sari is a…


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Crochet is getting popular again in the world of fashion

Almost every girl face the same question during summer that what type of dress is going to trend this season you will be happy to know that dresses this summer are adverse in design. Additional to maxis and miniskirts a new type of chic dress available in market this year are crochet one. Therefore go through the high streets crochet costumes, carry bags, purses, footwear etc.

An ideal dress that is usually worn in summer is…


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The Royal Wedding Gown Makes a Fashion Statement

Colour palettes and fabrics are the topic of conversation in London fashion week but this season there is only one topic on everybody’s lips is “wedding dress of Kate Middleton”


Wedding ceremony of Kate Middleton was held on last Friday. After this ceremony women were also searching for simple…


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Tricks To Look Younger

One can use these tricks to look younger and beautiful no matter how old you are. You look beautiful if your skin deeply clean. Here are some secrets for conquer aging and keep you looking attractive.

Balance Diet – A balanced diet is not only makes you healthy but also prevents you from looking old. It helps you to look beautiful. Your skin losses its glow and tightness as you start aging. One should eat…


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Glass Jewellery

Today glass jewellery is becoming favorite among young women. It is durable and long lasting. These costume glass jewellery are manufactured from different type of colour glasses. Glass jewellery has enchanting designs thus it is highly in demand. Apart from bangles, glass jewellery also incorporates pendants, rings, beads that are used in anklets and other jewellery. Glass…


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Firdous Lawn Collection- 2011

There is a large collection of latest and attractive lawn dresses of different brands like classic, vaneeza, gul ahmed lawn, jufa lawn and firdous lawn.

This summer season, lawn is the amazing collection of summer dressing. Lawn prints are very much popular in summer 2011. This year firdous lawn sale is going high due to its bold and expansive designs and that he had…


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Exotic Hook Earrings

These Gorgeous earrings from Hirotaka Inoue look at first glance like a sort of sea creature but actually they were inspired by exotic flowers. The Tokyo-based jeweler explained that “he saw these in the tropical forest in Thailand”. This earring is inspired by a hook orchid and lantern jasmine. We get these flora exotica earrings by Tokyo-based designer.


This is not even a bit surprising. His collection to which he has…


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