Hello Students group,

Im a recent graduate from Central Saint Martins and Im super keen to see what kind of programmes or events your university offers, regarding, Ethical, Organic and Sustainable Issues?

Does your Uni put on any lectures or events?
Is it included as a module in your studies?
What do you do to find out more about these issues?

I am going to India, to learn and find out more about Ethical Factories and Organic Cotton Farmers, and all those involved. I will be writting a once/twice weekley blog about it also. As an informative and understandable tool to help us young ones out!

IWhat do you think?



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Hi S,

I am studying at Ashford School Of Art and Design (University Of Kent) and I have been given one "ethical" project to complete and that was in my second year and that's about it. I would of liked to of had longer to spend on this area as it's something that particularly interested me. The project was mainly self directed, you had to find out the info and you had to source fabrics yourself ect. I think it is very important to have units like this on the course to give the students an alternative option to fashion and to show them what it's really like but unfortunately alot of people aren't too worried about these issues-well they wasn't on my course. This project kick started me into wanting to change things and ever since then I have started to change my lifestyle and my relationship with fashion. I am now in my BA year and am in the stages of creating an ethical collection-it's hard work but exciting. I finish in June and am looking to work in the ethical fashion field.

I think your blog would be very useful and I will definately keep track of what your doing. Good Luck!

Hope this helps.

Hey K

Hows the final collection going? I graduated last year and I was really keen to do an Ethical/Organic Collection but time and money did not allow. The best I could manage was natural fibres. But for my future collection I will you Ethically sound materials. Thats really great to hear about your collection and that you Uni had an "ethical project", but your right one isnt really enough, and Im not sure about your uni, but it wasnt really pushed at my uni and if it was the results could have been really awesome. Oh well Saint Martins, hmmm. Lets see what we can do and Good Luck!!

Thanks for your Message also

Hi S,

I'm afraid my university did little of the kind! I changed from fashion in the second year to a more independant creative course due to the industry focused consumer fashion we had only to be encouraged into! It felt quite restricting! So now I'm working on my own organic fairtrade collection as I've always wanted to. I've sourced much of my information and knowledge through researching from books and internet networks, for my dissertation. I've also met with hemp designer Jenny, of Enamore, who inspired me greatly!

It would be very interesting to read about what you can find out in India, I would certainly keep tabs! I've volunteered to act as student rep for fashioning an ethical industry to bring to offer to share what Ive learnt and spread their efforts in informing those in education not being educated!

Best of luck to you! I look forward to hearing about it!

Bekki -X
Hi Sarah,
I graduated from Textiles Design at Chelsea UAL 2 years ago and was lucky enough to pilot a new graduate scheme they set up last year. I went to work at an art college in a small town near Delhi for 7weeks and taught a unit on the textiles design course they have running out there. It was a great experience as part of the site the college is located on is still a functioning dye house, which I was able to tour and learn about. I also visited other dye houses and several garment factories, ranging from small family run businesses catering for the local town and block printing workshops which have survived for decades, to larger factories functioning to supply stores in the West such as H&M and Zara.

I would love to keep track of your progress in India, and would love to compare notes when you're back. Where abouts are you heading to? Maybe I can point you in the direction of some of the places I was able to visit.

Good luck with your project and enjoy India!

Hello jenny i feel like i know you already, Ive heard about you frm mr roy, and mr vikram and harichend too. How scary is that, heehee. Thanks so much for your message, Ive started writting a blog for EFF website about my travels and visits too, Im hoping it will be up and running soon.

Im heading to Lucknow and Varanasi next, then Sikkim, Kolkota and down the coast. It would be great to hear about your visits also.

How awesome

Hey Sarah, that is so funny! Great to meet you on here- so are you the 2nd round of chelsea students that went out to Modinagar? I met a couple of girls who went out after me- maybe one of them was you?

I miss all those you mentioned so much! It is great to hear that they were talking to you about me because I feel terrible that I haven't been in contact with them for so long.

Let's definitely meet up to share stories and what we discovered from visitng the factories when you get back. When are you back?- I wish I was there!!

Also, do you have Mr Roy's email address? I have lost my contacts there.

I wish you well on your trip and look forward to meeting you in person when you're back.

Take Care!!

I am just finishing off my final year BA fashion and textiles (bournemouth university course based at Salisbury college), my course did not contain any ethical content but I was supported in pursuing this area for both my second year and final year collections. I did a project looking at natural dyes and using organic cottons, and for my final collection have used recycled materials. Both dissertations were looking at ethical fashion in some way. I am keen to go back to my college and do some workshops on recycling/organic etc etc to encourage the next generation of students.

I am planning a trip to india with my partner as he will be working out there for 8 weeks ( I will be going out for 4 weeks). We will be based in Noida which is east of New Delhi. I was wondering if you could put me in touch with anyone out there as I would love to visit some of the places you have mentioned. I am doing research online but would be more comfortable with meeting people out there. I would be travelling on my own do you think that would be ok?
I would really appreciate any advise you could offer. Also, how do i access your blog i would be interested in reading it.
Many thanks
Hey Emma

Thats cool when will you be in Delhi/Noida. Noidas the Industrial area, full of Sectors its pretty confusing so you will need a driver or make contact with the company and they can arrange a pick up. I can definatly give you the details of three companies in Noida, how are related to Azo-free dying, major garment production and high end upholstrys.

What else....I will be in Delhi and Modinagar (Noida is in between) from July 6th to 12th) if your around at this time let me know. Whats your partner doing in Noida, its a strage place.

To view the blog, go into the Blog section and look for EFF Correspondant in India, would be great to have you reading.


Hi Sarah,
that would be great thanks. I will be there for most of Sept, yet to book flights so will confirm once i have done so. My partner is setting up a service centre over there so we will be staying in paid hotel. I am trying to plan as much as I can now and research as much as possible as he will still be working when i get out there. we will have 2 weeks together at the end of the month when we will go exploring and travel around a bit. Initially at least i will use a driver just while i become familiar with the place.
what is the best way to contact the companies....email/phone?
i've been reading your blog it is really fascinating and you have some lovely photos too. it is really showing hidden beauty.
thanks for any help you can provide
Hi Jenny,
I was reading your comment above and was wondering if you would be able to share any information you have on the dye house/ printers/producers near delhi as i will be staying near delhi (noida) for a few weeks in september and am trying to put together a few visits. I have just completed fashion and textiles BA where i spent most of my time studying ethical fashion. i am also very interested in textiles dye and prodution in india as it is such a large industry with good and bad practice so anything i can learn during my visit will help me in making decisions in the future.
thanks for any help you can offer.
kind regards
Hi Emma,

Apologies for not being in touch sooner- I am still trying to find out the exact names of the places I visited. You know what it's like, I planned to go to one factory and then ended up getting driven around all over the place been shown things unexpectedly!

I stayed in Modinagar which is about 45km outside Delhi. Part of the old textile factory is still in operation, mainly dying facilities, however all the old equipment is still there for the pre-treating, printing and finishing processes. This is attached to IIFA college on the main high street.

I also travelled to Jaipur and visited a block printing workshop in a small village 16km outside Jaipur called Sanganer, which is renowned for it's block printing history. You can get a public bus from Jaipur.

I then visited Noida area and went to a printing factory called Ajanta dyers. There are a few more that I visited around that area but like I say, I am unsure on their names. Once you get to Noida and into one of the factories, people can generally point you in the right direction.

I hope this helps, sorry I can’t be more specific!

sounds great sarah
i'd be interested in reading your blog as i plan to do the same within africa...east/west/south still deciding but should be an eye opener



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