I am looking for an organic screen printer and environmental friendly textile dyer.
I found T-Shirts & Sons, but they only do placed prints. I would need someone to do allover prints or print on fabrics.
Could anyone help, please?

Many Thanks,

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Hi Anja

We can do all over prints from our factory in Tanzania or in Turkey on organic cotton fabric. What sort of quantity / fabric were you thinking?
Dear Prama,

Thank you very much for your reply.
Our minumums are very small at the moment as we are just starting up.
For sampling we are looking at 20m and for production I will have to get back to you.
What are your minimums?

Do you only print on cotton, or would you also print on silk?
And do you also do environmental friendly dyeing?
Thank you very much.

Hi Prama,

Please let me know your minimums for screen printing.

I am also interested in your organic jersey fabrics, which you mentioned in a previous discussion.
Would it be possible to get swatches of the jersey?

Thank you very much,
hi Anja we do fabric printing & dyeing specially on cotton in India. tell me your requirement.
Hi Ravi,

Where are you located in India? We are also looking for the organic printing and veg dyeing.

Thanks Poonam

I would also be very interested in this subject.

And I too, run a small business and would not be able to buy hundreds of metres..

Any info would be great.




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