I'm Daniele from Ecotale. We supply small to medium sized fashion designers and clothing manufacturers with linen fabrics. 


I'd appreciate everyones opinion on this initiative I'm working on. 


Purchasing small quantities of eco fabrics seams to be a problem for students, with this and other forums full of similar posts (this is an actual quote, by the way): "if anyone has contacts where students could purchase small quantities of ethical fabric at a reasonable price, I would be most grateful". So I'm thinking, why not try and get a few well wishing eco fabric suppliers (like myself) to get together for a one off event (fabric fair!), and to take some of their fabrics to sell at fashion colleges. On the day, students would get to buy discounted eco fabrics by the meter, whilst suppliers would benefit from meeting young designers that would potentially become their clients in the future. 


I welcome opinions from students and suppliers alike!


Many thanks


Daniele xx




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We like it.

Let us know if anything happens!



Would be interested in this.

This would be fantastic if you get it up and running please let me know, as I am currently looking for fabric suppliers for my final collection and know this will unfortunately be a problem.

I would be very interested to find a supplier of eco-fabrics that supply in small volumes, particularly those that are trend-inspired. Happy to hear from anyone about this topic. I'm UK based :)


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