I am really interested in ethical fashion and the way forward and know that I myself don't do enough and want to change that. I am really bad due to being at Uni and having three children to clothe and feed etc... I admit I do think Primark because its cheap but I kick myself after as I do believe that they have a lot of problems that they need to iron out but I guess the top end of the shops are the same. I feel very nieve about ethical fashion and the way forward and would really appreciate it if anyone has any information etc... that can help as although I browse websites I have no idea where to start. I think that we need to look after our world for our future generations and those that follow and Companies are starting to take note like M&S and Tesco's but with the down turn is it going to be slower progress? As with the recession people have less money and ethical products seem to cost more. Is this because the raw material costs more?

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