I am searching for organic fabrics like bambus, hemp, soy silk, organic cotton etc.

Who can give me a tip where I could get it?

Thank you.


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Hi Kim,

Try scrolling my site - http://bit.ly/58D20n - & click link to fabric.
Actually, my affiliates are in the UK & I'd like to find some in North America.
If you find any, pls let me know.

Best regards . . and 'Go Canada'!

Hi Kim,
I just ordered a set of samples here but have yet to receive them...I'll let you know the outcome..

Hi Kim,


Did you have any luck?  Now I'm looking for the same - do you have any to pass on to me?

I'm also interested in an affiliate program with them.


Thanks & best,


Hi Kim,


Great to hear you're sourcing eco fabrics! 

Have you seen our range : http://bit.ly/bHeW9p

Please just drop us a line if you can't quite find what you're looking for, or you'd like wholesale quantities.


Kind regards,

Offset Warehouse Team


What is your opinion on Modal?


"Modal is fast becoming a popular fiber for high quality clothing and is a bio-based fibre. It is 50% more water resistant then cotton, doesn't pill like cotton, and is resistant to shrinking and fading."


Not sure if it is quite as friendly as organic cotton but it certainly looks like a step in the right direction.



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