It is mutual-beneficial for business to participate in community

I think every business should practise its spcial respposibility in one way or another just like Global Fundraising Dynamics. What matters is how much you can do but wether you have participated. That what i am doing. Though i am running only a small handbag shop selling hermes handbag, prada handbag, i donate some money to the local orphanage every year. That makes very happy and earn my handbag shop a good reputation.

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I was looking for the section to post jobs and came across this - Thank you so much ! Actually both companies are mine- I started GFD ( with the idea that fashion and fundraising could combine as well as alot of other fundraising ideas and then had the idea for my own line (Jean Joaillerie).
The charity Im donating to is really great- I have talked with alot of non profits since starting GFD and many are not very transparent but this one is and you know that the money will directly impact lives
PS- Where is the section to post jobs ???????


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