Is anybody selling Organic cotton or jersey? Preferably cut-offs?



I am looking to buy some Jersey in cotton or bamboo and also some 100% organic cotton.  If anybody has any industry cut-offs for sale or is simply selling these fabrics by the meter I would be delighted to buy them!


I would prefer white or neutral tones but if you have other colours please don't hesitate to get in touch, I may make exceptions!


Thank you very much, if you have anything suitable please either reply to this thread or contact me by email on



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Hi Hannah - check out:

but make sure you buy them in advance - some of the jerseys come from abroad so they can take a couple of weeks to reach UK. Hope that helps??
Hi Hannah,

Did you find your jersey? I have a few different types that are sitting in my design studio - not sure how much you are looking for though?

Kind regards,

Hello Rachel,

Yes please I would still be interested. I was a little out of the loop for a few weeks!

I need approx 2m. What coulors do you have? Do you have any plain cotton?


Hi Hannah,

Can you drop me a message to carry on chatting - I have a few options. I will have some plain but also some that I have hand dyed with natural dyes - it depends what you're wanting an quantities. They are sat downstairs in the studio at present so I can could take some pictures or send you some colour swatches in the post.

I'm not too sure at the moment what you are using them for, so having a quick chat can help me make sure you get the best fabric for your needs.

My email is if you would prefer to drop me a quick line instead of a message on here?

Look forward to hearing back from you,

i am not in this line. but you can buy them online. Just google it and there will be hundreds of suppliers at your disposal. That is what i do when i happen not to have the handbag my customers are looking


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