I wanted to start a thread to link together any designers/ artists currently in the midlands area, to explore creating an event that encourages young people to engage in upcycling and different hand craft techniques, making ethical / sustainable fashion education more accessable to a broader population.

So.. a new proposal,

I want to encourage collaboration to deliver some exciting events in the summer and autumn to raise the profile of ethical and sustainable fashion in the midlands...

If you were at the FEI conference on march 2 - 3 listening to Otto Von Busch talk about hacking fashion then you wil begin to get the picture.. if not...

Birmingham has a massive creative community, the Secret Wars events are busy underground events that raise the profile of the artists or writers involved to help break streetstlye into the corporate mainstream (and maybe earn some money!)

This style of event, has different links such as Subism in Nottingham and other uk underground graff communities...

Why not begin styling events? these could be linked with retailers, charity shops, colleges, universities?

Fashion Designers / stylists can demonstrate their skills in restyling garments to a live audience. there is potential for stalls with a mini show to pick a winner

Event can be done in daytime or night, even on the back of a trailer on the street in a city.. there is potential to do this in a range of locations.

We can bring together artists, dj,s fashion designers, models, photographers, media production, in a club / pub / bar for some fun with a message.

There is 1 school of fashion at Gosta Green, one at Millenium point, one in Digbeth, Halesowen, Dudley, Stourbridge, Wolverhampton, Coventry... with fashion being an increasing area for education products, why don't we develop our own product as a group?

We can even apply for funding to get it off the ground when we know what we want...

Come together!!

All ideas appreciated..

I have a link for Birmingham 2013 city of culture for an event of this type..


Much Love

Dan Fashion Man

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Did you put an event together, or are you still looking to do so?

I would be interested in playing a part in getting an event in Birmingham off the ground and running.

I am from the Birmingham area and went to the University of Birmingham.

Let me know how things stand currently.

All the best

Hi James,

thanks for taking an interest,

I'm working on a proposal for the autumn with someone at the moment.

Also going to promote / launch with a style off event potentially at ArtsFest.

So, once I've got a clear plan for promotion / networking / resources; I'll have an idea on how we can link up.

Nice one


Please keep me updated, I would love to get involved.

All the best

James McAloon
will do james!

Nice one : )
Hi Daniel,

I am really interested to get involved but am not in the UK until Sept 20th as I am currently travelling? When were you planning your Autumn activities?

I have a textiles/fashion background and would love to be involved in any project that raises awareness of sustainability.

Good luck and keep the EFF posted on the development!


Hi Hannah,

thanks for messaging me.. the plans are still being formulated at the moment, i'm looking to find some space to make a few samples for promotion.

September will be a good time, its going to take till then to get the lot together anyway..

I will keep you updated.. (and james too!) hopefully by september there'l be a few folk to help begin some funky sustainable fun!!

cheerio! enjoy the travels! : )

hi daniel, i just saw this post and would be intressted in showing my collection from upcaycling clothing ect, ive just graduated so keep me posted and ill pass the message on if anything happeneds


Ceri jones


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