Hi everyone, Im the founder and CEO of a new social responsible e-commerce portal called touch2give.com

We are looking for independent and niche brands that:
1. are made in a responsible way and follow UN policy on labor laws- so this means any brands made in Europe or countries not found at high risk
2. brands that have an ethical or sustainable component

We also give 5% of what we earn on commission to support our philanthropy partners as corporate social responsibility is also important to us.

I used to be responsible for client marketing in Asia for Christie's and than I went to design school and launched my own brand in Paris so I understand all the problems that emerging brand owners face.

The idea of touch2give.com  was started thinking of how to unite and help brands and all my friends in fashion who are brand owners and workign and creating much more innovative design and concepts than the BIG BRANDS- that have become banal.

You can email me at clairechung@touch2give.com.

United, we can become a powerful economic force.

Would love your feedback!

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Hi Claire, We are interested in your idea. For more information on si:su (we create ethical womenswear and accessories collections in the U.K. using recycled materials/sourced vintage fabrics) have a look at our website www.si-su.com or contact us directly. Regards, Helen.
Where you are based? I will be in London next week brand scouting.
Hi Claire, Haven't been on here for a while! si:su is based in Swansea. We can email you more info if you wish. Our email address is sisu.info@gmail.com. Helen
Hi Claire, I would be very interested to learn more about your ecommerce site. I am just about to launch my line of luxurious, ethical handmade accessories produced in Calcutta, India. I don't know if Inida is on your list of 'High Risk' but can assure you all my goods are made through one World Fair Trade Organisation & Indian Fair Trade Society accredited manufacturer. Would love to hear from you and give you more information on my brand. Website is currently under construction but pls do take a look at the holding page www.nvlondoncalcutta.com for a little more info & images, or contact me direct. Best, Naomi
Dear Naomi,
Thanks so much. Please send me a email at clairechung@touch2give and I will send you further information. India is considered a high risk country but if you have those accrediations its ok- We are only taking ethical or sustainable brands from high risk countries.
All the best,
Dear Naomi,
I will be in London from 4-9 Feb- and would love to see the collection in person if possible. Thanks so much!
Hi Claire - I'd be very interested in hearing more about your business. I'm in the process of producing my first range of high end ethical & eco-friendly handbags and would definitely relish the opportunity to meet and work with other like-minded people. As a sole trader it is difficult not having the clout of a larger brand, plus having no-one to share experiences with, good or bad. I'm based in London so would be happy to meet with you on your trip here. Currently setting up my website and having my bags sampled so sadly no images for you as yet but I should have some in the next few weeks. Look forward to hearing from you. Catherine
Dear Catherine,
I would love to meet you. Please email me directly at clairechung@touch2give.com and we can set up a time to meet!
Looking forward to seeing your collection and sharing idea. Infact, the inspiration of this project is to UNITE the brands. I launched my own fashion jewellery brand from zero so I know what its like- the production is always a nightmare and meeting minimums. So I decided to launch this portal to unite brands to share business synergies and be an incubator for emerging and developing brands.
All the best,
Hi Claire, I think this is a great idea and something I was thinking a little while ago of looking into. Will you also be featuring beauty products. I friend of mine works for a brand that sells moisturisers etc. that are Fairly traded, organic and lovely to use.
hi! yes we will have selected beauty brands as well. What's the email of your friend? Will contact them..thanks so much!
Very best wishes, Claire
Hi Claire,

I have a brand called Clever Togs Check out my unique collection of handcrafted, Ecological and Ethical clothing for babies and children....

I am based in Scotland

Kind regards
Hi Claire,

I am very interested in what you are proposing. We at Panchachuli U.K. are supporting the Women Weavers of Kumaon Co-operative who hand spin , weave and knit high quality cashmere, nettle and vegetable dyed products. We launched at Pure in Feb in London and are looking to raise the Panchachuli profile in the U.K Please see our contact details at www.panchachuli.co.uk

kind regards



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