A few years ago, a lot of us were carrying huge, hardware-laden totes which enabled us to carry our worlds with us (and made having a chiropractor on speed dial a necessity!). Now, we're told by Those Who Tell Us These Things that small and ladylike or crossbody old-school satchel is the way to go. My question is, given that a lot of us spend a fair amount on our handbag and - a subject close to my own heart - we get almost emotionally attached to them, do you pay much heed to fashion when it comes to bag buying? Or are you more likely to buy classic/find a style that suits and stick to it? Personally, those small ladylike bags are way too small and 'groomed' for my lifesyle - I adore them on others but they're not for me. I'm staying faithful to my messengers (currently enjoying a fashion 'moment' after years in the style wilderness, it seems) and totes (not TOO hardware laden, but a few buckles and studs never harmed anyone).
...and you?

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